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Water Sprayer

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I sacrificed my dining room table for 2 months (almost) for the sake of teaching Reggae to stay off it. That didn't work. She found how to walk around the sticky paws and even began to play with it. She doesn't respond to my rants about move, get down, no! She just sits there and looks at me like a crazy person.
I need a place to eat people. I just do. I decided to remove all the tape, which was a job in and of itself and have a meal at my table!!! I sat down, water sprayer in hand, and when she got on the table she got a squirt in the side. She gets down. She learned to stay off the futon (where she kept having repeated poopy "accidents") with help of the sprayer. And though some will disagree, I don't feel guilty for using it. She's responsive to it. It doesn't hurt her, she just doesn't like it.
Now I can enjoy my meal in peace.
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Just don't spray her head- She gets water in her ears by accident and your vet bill may go way up.
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I agree that a water bottle is a friend and useful training aid. Like anything there is a right and wrong way to use it. As long as you don't get it in her eyes or ears there is nothing wrong with using it.
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Another reminder: Cats are incredibly smart. They will know when you don't have the sprayer in hand and will take advantage of that. Watch out!
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youre lucky you have a cat that learns at least. my sister in law has a cat that is a terror. he doesnt learn from the water bottle, he loves it!! tables, countertops, you name it! shelving. he goes wherever he wants.
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Did you put the sticky tape directly on the table? The better way to do it (for others who want to try) is to put the tape on several pieces of cardboard or on an old sheet and leave this on the table (tape side up). This way the tape doesn't damage the surface AND you can simply remove the cardboard when it is dinner time and put it back when the table is clear.
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WEuse a little mist bottle, It works wonders. we had to leave it out for a couple of weeks .Now if you even pick it up thre off. We can tell then to get down and they well most of the time. Some times they just don't give a rats ---!! And will hop up there for Sun so.... I will politely move them Newman will tell me verbly to leave him alone, but you know he has to be remined who's
kng of the house [ HIM ] SO HE THINKS!!
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