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Somebody make me feel better (Please)

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I've posted on other forums about the ongoing saga with my cat Simon. He has a urinary blockage. Hopefully, he will come home tomorrow afternoon.

I need some reassurance here. I was talking to my mom and she asked how much all of his care would cost. I said "A lot" She said I should have just put Simon down.

I obviously wasn't going to do that, but it is true that I can't afford to have him at the vet like this all the time. Is there a good chance that with a change in diet (wet food and more water) that he won't get blocked again?

It's a horrible decision to have to make. How do I look at my poor baby and say -- "Sorry Simon, but I can't afford to treat you." I'm afriad that if he continues to get blocked, it's going to come to having to make a decision like that.

I need some good stories about blocked cats being healthy for long periods of time. I'm sick just thinking that it might come to having to make such a horrible decision. I'm sitting here ready to cry just thinking of it.

Any reassurance you could give is appreciated!
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Have they discussed the surgery with you? Sounds like Simon might be a candidate for the sugery- and although expensive, it is effective in stopping the problem.

As far as when to stop the treatment because of finances, that is an individual and personal choice that each cat owner has to make when their cats are ill. You can also surrender the cat to some clinics for treatments and they will look for another home, someone who can afford the care. Not all clinics do this, but some will. But FLUTD's are treatable and the surgery would be a benefit if your vet agrees that Simon is a candidate for it.
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Well, none of my cats has ever had to have surgery, but Sylvestra did have trouble several years ago with urinary infections and crystals that kept recurring for about a year. Finally, a specialist I took her to analyzed the crystals & they turned out to be the oxalate kind, rather than the more common struvite crystals. The vet switched her diet to prescription cd/o - that cleared it up pretty quickly, and she hasn't had trouble since. After a few years on the cd/o, I switched her to regular Science Diet with the vet's OK, and she still hasn't had any more trouble. All of that happened when she was about 3 or 4 years old, and she's almost 10 now, and perfectly healthy.

My best advice is to make sure the vet analyzes the stones, and follow the vet's diet advice strictly, for the sake of your cat's health. Providing several sources of fresh drinking water throughout the house is a good idea, too, and a kitty water fountain for fresh water might help.

Good luck to you, and healing vibes for Simon.
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My mom's cat has the same problem, even with diet it flares up every once in awhile, say, less than once a year now that she has him on medication and special diet (not expensive). As a matter of fact, I guess its been 2 years since he had problems.
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I was in the exact situation you're in, about 4 years ago. Sunshine kep blocking and finally the vet said that it was either surgery or euthanasia. He had the surgery and has not had a problem since. We made sure that the food we give the kitties (Nutro Max Cat) is low in Magnesium for urinary health, and make sure Sunshine drinks plenty of water. He seems none the worse for all he went through. My mom also told me I should have had him put down, due to the cost. My response to her was, "If I had needed surgery and it was expensive, would you have had ME put to sleep? He's my kid!"

Bravo to you, and praying that all is well for Simon. Sending hugs to the both of you!
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I don't want to discourage you, but please do be sure to ask your vet as many questions as possible prior to considering "P.U" Surgery. It's not a walk in the park.

After several blockages and vet admissions, I opted to go with the surgery and regret it to this day.

George never came back home. He gave up the fight to live just 3 days post surgery and I had to have him put to sleep.

I had no idea how invasive of a procedure it was until after I saw his surgical sight. It made me sick to think that I put him through that and he died anyway.

He was only 6.

It was a very stressful time when George's blockages kept recurring. Not only the vet bills, but the medications, peeing out of the box, and valiant litter box watching (to make sure he was voiding).

Does Simon eat a lot of dry food? Does he use clumping cat litter? Do you feed him tuna fish? Has he been under any stress (a move, cold weather that keeps him in, new animals or family members, etc)?
I often wonder if these things contributed to George's problems.

My heart goes out to you and Simon. If you can afford to keep him on the special food, meds, and cathedarizations (sp?) do so as long as you possibly can before giving in to the surgery (my opinion).
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I spent several thousand on Toes when he was having seizures. I didn't have the several thousand, but my vet was willing to work out payments for me. Find out all the options from your vet and ask your vet how far s/he thinks is too far. If Simon can be saved and your vet is willing to work with you then I'd spend the money. Our babies are too precious to treat like a piece of rotten timber.
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Thanks to everyone. My Simon will be going on a new diet once I get him home. Wet and dry food (before this he just ate dry). I'm also going to try to make any "treats" I give him water related. Diluted cat milk, diluted baby food, diluted wet food. Anything to keep water in him. He is also going to change to a high fiber diet to help him lose weight and help with the constipation. My poor babycat. I can't wait to have him home. They pull the catheter tomorrow morning and if he is doing all his business on his own (without a catheter or enemas) he'll be home tomorrow afternoon. Croos your fingers for him!
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When my Beau was about 10 years old, he had crystals after we moved about 11 hours away from home. He was treated, his diet was changed and he lived to be 17 years old.

It is possible to treat in some cases. Changing his diet and working through the first few months (he may have to go back for follow up treatment) is worth it. Hopefully your vet can work out payment plans for what bills you have now.
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I hope Simon is doing well with his new diet etc.! You're in a very difficult situation there.
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My Frantic had crystals a year ago. Standing there watching his try to use his litter box was heart breaking. But after a year with special diet he's just fine. I also have a friend who's cat needed the operation and is still fine now 4 yrs later.

Talk to your vet about a payment plan. I was in your shoes with my RB Shalimar. I paid for her vet bills for 4 months after she was gone. But I wouldn't give up those last days with her for all the gold in Fort Knox.

I got the same reaction when my parents heard I spent $2000 on her in 3 weeks. My answer...I would have spent more if it would give me more time with her.


PS...{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you. Remember, TCS is here for support
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Simba had crystals in his urine also. He wouldn't co-operate with the vet for a urine sample so he had to be sedated for that. That vet bill was a big one also, but he didn't require surgury. The vet put him on a diet of dry, medicated cat food. The medication disolved the crystals that were already formed. After a couple of months we were able to switch to a good quality, low ash cat food. The vet recommended Science Diet. We have been feeding both of our cats Science Diet dry food for the past five years and the crystals have not returned. We used to feed Simba just cheep soft canned food from the grocery store. A lot of brands of cheep food are high in Ash content, wich causes crystals to form. Female cats don't usually have a problem with crystals because their opening is larger and they can pass the crystals easier.

Good luck. Hope all turns out well.
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Oreo went through this earlier this year.... I now feed him and the other 2 here special food designed for urinary health.... it's a bit more expensive than normal grocery store food but cheaper than Science Diet... actually I brought a box of this stuff to the vet, looked at Science Diet and compared the values on that with the food designed for urinary tract problems, it was the same blinking thing...
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