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Cats and wallpaper

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My girls have completely shredded the wallpaper in my bedroom. Like it or not I’m going to have to redecorate. I had white wallpaper with “bubbly bits†(don’t know the correct name but it’s not woodchip).

They have a scratching tree, and a cat mat and a cat chair to scratch which they use all the time so the wallpaper scratching can’t be due to lack of anything else to get their claws into.

Someone told me that cats mistake the shadows that “bubbly†wallpaper casts for flies and go after them. The same person told me that cats don’t bother with smooth wallpaper. I’ve also heard that they won’t go for particular colours because they can’t perceive them.

All my cats before Lil and Leenie could go out so I’ve never had this problem before.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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I would get some bubble wrap and put it up temporarily in the spot they are attacking (bubble side out) First time they go to stretch and scratch one POP should be all it takes to startle them out of the behavior
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I have found that cats love textures. What type of texture often determines whether they will lay on it or scratch it. It sounds like this wallpaper has a rough texture and I know my cats love to scratch rough textures. Even though they have scratching posts they like, like us, cats do enjoy variety and convienience. They probably think your bedroom wall is just another scratch post and why make the trip to the other posts when that lovely wall is already right there?

Personally, I don't buy textured furniture or anything else unless it is for my cats. How are they supposed to understand the difference?
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Or you could try getting double sided tape and placing it on the wall where the cat touches, since cats usually don't like the feeling of not being able to get their paws away. I have double-sided-stickiness on my countertops and it does distract them from jumping up and opening up my cupboards.
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There's a stain on my wall and Penny is always stalking it as if it's an insect or something

I really should re-paint!
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One thing none of my cats can stay away from is an old bulletin board we have just leaning behind the door. They all love to scratch on the darn thing!
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Jeepers climbs our anaglypter (I think that's how you spell it!) wallpaper from floor to celing, she's slowly stripping it for us since we have to redecorate anyway.
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