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moving, and adding a cat

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We are moving to a new home, and have a 4 year old male neutered cat. The people who are moving from the new home are leaving us one of their cats, because there is a problem with allergies in the family. It is a spade female. I am concerned about how the two may get along, and want some advise about uniting them. Please give any suggestions! Thanks, Jenny
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I'm glad the new cat will be loved. Here's a suggestion that has always worked for me. Get 2 towels and rub one cat in one towel and the other cat in the other towel and then switch towels and rub each cat with the towel you rubbed the other cat in . For example, rub the male cat in the blue towel and the female in the white towel and then rub the blue towel on the female and the white on the male. It has worked for me many times. There will be some confrontations but in the end they are all okay. Good luck amnd letus know if there is anything else we can do. BTW, I'm sure you'll get lots of other good advice.

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I would expect some issues seeing how the female kitty is getting a whole new family and a new kitty in her life at once - and this has been HER territory. Introduce them slowly is all I can add. After a few days, anyone new introduced into my house has eventually gotten along (enough to be considered a family). Good luck with your move - and make sure you let us all know how you make out!
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I agree with the others. Make sure you separate the cats for a few days. While one is out and about, keep the other in a room with a litterbox and food and water. Then lock up the one who was out and let the locked up kitty explore. This, along with the rubbing with towels, will allow them to get used to each others' scents and to become curious about each other without the opportunity for aggression. After about a week or so of this let them both out at the same time and immediately give them a really special yummy treat (like tuna water or tuna). Feed them this treat at the same time at opposite ends of the same room. This way they learn to associate the other cat with great things (tuna). Do the tuna treat several times each day, moving the bowls a little closer to each other each time until they are able to eat near each other.

Bravo to you for taking in this poor kitty! I wish you luck!
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Thanks for all your help! I will let you know how things work out. We are moving this weekend! Talk to you soon.
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