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I always look under the cat products at TCS and Meowhoo. Should we tell the company's we buy from that we saw their products on TCS?
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Nora that would be great for us, if you would do that! I know that merchants also like to hear from you if you are happy with their products-
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Those dont look bad at all. Pop ups are what irks me the most.
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Originally posted by Deb25
When I switched to Royal Canin, I most certainly dropped them an email and mentioned that I heard of their product on TheCatSite.
This is kind of off topic but two times Royal Canin said they were sending me samples for my persians and they never did. I give up on them! Ended up trying it on my own anyway and it made several of my cats sick. They appologize and make promises then don't keep them.

It's too bad. I know a lot of people do like Royal Canin but the whole thing just gave me a bad taste in my mouth (or in my kitties mouth!)
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Oh, I got free samples from my pet food store.
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I really don't like them. But, if need be...I can probably take it for so long.
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I voted "I don't know" because until I actually see them...I won't know how distracting they are...but if they generate more money for this site, then I personally can live with them!
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Debby you can see them- Anne left a link in her original post of a couple that she dummied up.
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I don't mind the ads as long as they are cat related or animal welfare related.

The internet is the only place that I have to search for cat related products so the ads could possibly be a boon for me in that
I don't have to trawl the internet. Yes, I know there's meowhoo.com but some merchants do not ship overseas and that does lead to more investigating. But at least it's given me a starting point.
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If the ads are for cat related products they can be any kind of ad at all. BUT when you start getting advertizing for some weird things (no examples at this time. but I think you know what I mean) it gets quite annoying. But I guess you can't discriminate WHO advertizes, can you?
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We really have a couple rules about who can and can't advertise here. No adult-type sites, and no gambling/casinos ads. Was contacted earlier by someone with a weight loss pill that wants to start advertising on site, and it will be allowed, but we really try to keep it cat oriented if we can.
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I really don't like them but I could as others have said get used to them.

If it helps make TCS more money, that's great!
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Somebody's gotta pay the bills.

My browser is a "sponsored" subscription -- it's got banner ads at the top, sometimes animated.

My email client is a "sponsored" subscription -- it's got ads in a square at the bottom left corner, sometimes animated.

I barely notice these, except that I try to click through on a couple of ads a day for each of them, simply because I know it's what gets me the full-featured software that I want (hate Microsoft--grrr) for $0.

Would that it were not necessary, but it is. Whatever you need to do to fund the site, you have my vote -- I don't even think I'd leave if there were popups, although that would be annoying. It'll take a lot more than a few ads for me to consider leaving TCS.
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I don't mind flash ads but I do hate popup ads that is why I installed a popup blocker. plus popups can be highjacked and unwanted ads may appear.
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I don't mind the animated ads, just as long as there aren't pop ups
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I went to a site the other day that asked(not required) for every member to please use their paypal account to give $3.00 to help with the cost of running the site. I thought that was a good way to raise funds because they didn't go into a long, tedious diatribe of the why and wheres to running a site. Just asked for a little help.

Yes, I went ahead and paid. It was no biggie and if it helps them it helps me.

I thought the above plus the ads might interest you. Just a suggestion and ads don't bother me.
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