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This is one year we are going to be VERY happy to say goodbye to!

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Wow - this year is really closing on a bang for us!

Here in the U.S. we just recently had Thanksgiving. Believe me, I have so much for which I am thankful. But that is behind us, and while I'm still grateful for so many things in my life, and in so many ways I am truly, truly blessed - I would like to take a moment to say that I am going to be SO glad to be rid of this year! I can't wait until it's behind us, and I sure hope next year brings better things.

It all started just before Thanksgiving when we lost our heat (propane - ducted system). Then Gary's mom had a bit of a breakdown with the coming holidays (and his sister having died a few months ago). It wasn't a good mix - so we dropped everything and ran to Chicago. We came home to, of course, no heat and a frozen home.

Then that weekend after Thanksgiving there was a terrible storm with a lot of wind, and electricity for our whole area was on the fritz. Of course, the electricity went out on the coldest night we've had this season (it got down to 9 degrees that night). Living in an RV, we have a generator, so that was great. But Gary didn't want to leave it running, so we were turning it off and on - and it got so cold I guess, that when he turned it on (at about 2:00 - 2:30 in the morning), it blew something and stopped working.

I gotta say - Gary was wonderful that night. We had to decide whether to stay or go - and with the five cats, we decided to stay. The stove, fortunately, was working - so poor Gary stayed up all night, heating up our cast iron skillet and wandering around the house waving it about to keep the temp up! And though it got down sooooo cooooold that night, he managed to keep it 62 degrees in the house! (And please feel free to laugh - it really is a funny image! I would have laughed then if it didn't feel so tragic at the time).

Anyway, to continue.... when hooked back up to electric (a whole different story) the next day, we had some kind of problem in the system, and everything blew out and we had an electric fire. I'm standing inside screaming "FIRE! FIRE!" as flames are shooting up our bedroom wall.... We have fire extinguishers everywhere (see - many things to be thankful for!), so I was able to put it out easily.

But have you ever used one of those things? That powdery chemical gets EVERYWHERE, instantly!!!!! I grabbed Sheldon and Flowerbelle (the two most adventuresome) and shoved them in the bathroom. Thank god the others are scaredy cats - they were hiding in their tubes because of the strange people about outside, so I just stuffed the ends of the tubes with blankets until we could get that crap out of the air and off the carpet and surfaces.

But try doing that without a vaccum. Remember - no electricity still!!!

We lost just about all of our electronic equipment. TVs, microwave, toaster oven, VCRs, the electric heaters (which we needed because our propane heater was out), etc. etc. etc. Fortunately there wasn't a lot of fire damage. But clean up was a nightmare.

The new heater arrived - had problems installing it and getting it to work properly. Fine. That got done. Finally. We still have a vibration problem - but the heater works, it's just noisy.

Once again, ANYWAY, we got the electricity back (though we had to rewire the whole home to be safe), and we finally got the house all cleaned up and the smell of asbestos gone. But for a long list of reasons, the insurance of various places, including ours, is not going to cover the damage or the replacement of our electric system and all of our equipment. So if we didn't already have presents for people, they didn't get any because of the enormous expense of replacing all of our stuff and rewiring our home. Just as all of that was drawing to a close....

We got the flu. And I mean bad. For over a week. Then we had some issues that were work-related that I just don't want to bother going into here - suffice it to say it was a nightmare with lots of headaches. You know - just to add to the stress, because we really weren't under enough pressure already, don't you think?

And although we love her dearly, Gary's mom came for Christmas. It is VERY stressful and she and Gary have a really tense relationship. But I guess that still wasn't enough stress - because in an arguement with her, Gary wasn't watching the road close enough, and hit a deer. Everyone's fine, but the whole front end of the car was damaged.

Bad things are supposed to come in threes! We're on to five or six or who knows what now! I'm not even sure how to count them anymore. Maybe some of the things I thought were problems really didn't count?

Anyway, vent almost over. At least no person was injured in the accident, and the deer was killed, not injured and left to a slow and torturous death.

But we've decided not to go anywhere to celebrate the arrival of the New Year - don't want to risk it!!!!

However, we will be VERY happy to say good-bye to this one - which for the past month-plus has really been a doozy.

GOOD BYE 2003 and GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sure hope EVERYONE has a VERY safe and happy NEW year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And here's a toast to 2004 being a better year for everyone than was 2003!

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What a horrific couple of months! I certainly hope that things improve this next year.

I am sorry to hear about the accident. I am so glad you all were okay, though I know it must have torn you two up to have killed the deer. Thank God the deer died right away.

I hope Gary's mom is doing better and that you two get a little peace and rest before life starts back again.

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sending my hugs as well. i hope that gary's mom gets some help and the two of you get some much needed down time. i have two trips in my lap right now so typing is hard. here is to 2004 being better for all!
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I agree, Holy Moly!

What a year you have had.

May the next year and the many years that follow after be even better with no problems.

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Originally posted by LDG

I sure hope EVERYONE has a VERY safe and happy NEW year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And here's a toast to 2004 being a better year for everyone than was 2003!

As you know Chikk, I will gladly make a toast for a much better year in 2004!!!! I don't know why all this is happening in your life right now, but there is a reason and you will make it through it! Hmmmm...where have I heard that before??

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Goodness gracious Laurie, you have had a horrible end to the year. I'm so glad you were not injured in the fire and everybody was OK from the deer/car accident.

Let us pray that 2004 will be a great year for all of us and our furbabies!
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Holy cow, this has been one heck of a year for you!! I'm joining in the wishes that 2004 holds nothing but smooth sailing for you and Gary!
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Fortunately you and Gary are made of strong stuff! I wish you all of the peace, joy, health and happiness that you so richly deserve in the new year! Just think - it can't get any worse right?
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YAY! IT's 2004!!!!!!

Ady, sorry, but I have to laugh! I realized later that I forgot to include one other thing that's been going on....

Remember I was having problems with pain in my hand this Spring that at first we thought was Carpal Tunnel - and it turned out not to be?

Well - after MRIs, EMG, etc. all they've found is a bone spur and a compressed C6 disc, either of which could be hitting a nerve, causing the pain. I've been in physical therapy for posture retraining, which seemed to help for a while. I (and the Docs) don't know what triggers the pain - or why it comes and goes. But the posture retraining, in the end, doesn't seem to be helping.

About three weeks ago I started getting the pain again (after several weeks with only three or four pain attacks). I have been plagued by INTENSE pain that starts in my index fingure, spreads up through the rest of my fingers, hand and wrist. The pain now lasts for anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours. A heating pad seems to help sometimes. The bad news is I've been hit by these intense attacks (that generally reduce me to tears) generally five to ten times a day the past few weeks! They happen at night and wake me up - up to five times a night.

But there is good news. I start acupuncture the week of the 12th. I sure hope it helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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WOW! Sounds like my year 2000...I alway says Y2K only happened to us

Hope this year is a WONDERFUL year for all of us! I think we need it!
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Happy 2004....I wanted to say that having been involved with cat rescue for only 6 monthes...I have sooo much respect for everyone who helps strays,domesticated and feral cats.

Here's mud in your eye...here's looking at you kid. (raises glass of sparkling apple cider).

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