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Daily Thread for Monday :)

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Well, finally we have snow!
We had a little bit before Christmas, just to cover the ground. We havent have white Christmas for ages, and no real snow over the wintertime since the winter 1999-2000, which was adventurous and we had to showel the car out every day.

This morning when we woke up, there was so much snow, there was no way of getting around. It´s 3.30 PM now, and we have been trying to get the car out our little stree since 11! If we could get our car out, the next street is stuffed to, and there are cars everywhere that are stuck. The little streets are always the most difficult, and the snowcars haven´t got to them, since they cant even keep up with the bigger streets.
It´s getting dark now, so I´m gonna take my son out to the garden to make a snowman before it gets fully dark

I hope you all have a nice day!
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Wow - snow!!!! I would have thought Iceland would be snowed up for most of the winter, but I guess with global warming things are changing even there.

We had about 5 minute's worth of sleet today and that was about it.

I went out this afternoon to get paint and stencils for Dominik's nursery as we will be moving him out of our room in the next few days and into his own bedroom. I bought this lovely powder blue paint and some stencils of hot air baloons, kites and regular baloons - I hope he likes them!!

The sales are in full swing in town and I HATE it. The aimless drifting of people who just wander around looking at (for the most part) the rubbish on display tries my patience, it took me the best part of an hour to get around about 3 shops what with all the traffic.

OK. Enough bah humbug. I'm going to get a glass of wine and start my chicken cesear salad now to help undo all the the Christmas eating excess
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This is my first week off where I can just stay home and do nothing in many years. I am loving it! We slept in until 8:00 this morning, had waffles for breakfast, and read the newspaper. I haven't even gotten dressed yet (its 11:00 here) -- I love it.

We went to see my sister and her family in Chapel Hill, NC over the holiday and then went on to Virginia Beach to visit my mom-in-law. When we flew home, our suitcases were lost. Luckily, our luggage arrived last night and nothing was missing from the bags, which is amazing since we can't lock them any more.

We will go see Lord of the Rings this afternoon. We're driving up to Paducah to have lunch at our favorite restaurant, then hitting PetsMart for a new cat dancer and kitty litter, then on to the movie. I can't wait!
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Originally posted by lotsocats
had waffles for breakfast
WHAT?!?!? No pancakes?!?!?

As for me, I am becoming the Home Improvement Queen. Today's project: recaulking the bathtub.

I have to keep busy to keep from ordering the Scunci Steamer.
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Woke up to snow as well! The kittens started trampolining off of me at an early time this morning and so I got up to see what had wired them. The snow was and still is coming down fast and furious. I got dressed quickly, fed the cats and went out to check on the horses. Racer was moving well out in the pasture, so I got them back to the barn and made sure they had plenty of hay. Now I need to get motivated and make some breakfast, but I need that first cup of coffee- I imagine there will be a lot of accidents on the road today as people here just can't seem to learn how to drive in snow properly. Last snow we had, someone ran over our mailbox.
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Our snow stopped for the Christmas holiday. However, from what I hear, the snow only took a brief holiday and will be back again this week. It actually rained on Sunday making everything nice and icey!

Had a wonderful Christmas break. The company was closed from Wednesday thru Sunday and we are all back to work today. I was a little late because I had to have the furnace man come take a look at my furnace. The fan that blows the hot air is going on my furnace. Surprise, surprise - he did not have the fan is stock and must return tomorrow with the fan. He will call me at work and I will have to leave to meet him. Why can't things be easy in this world?

Hope everyone had a nice day!
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Racer was moving well out in the pasture,
How wonderful! This must mean he's doing better?

WHAT?!?!? No pancakes?!?!?
No way! I'm never making pancakes again! The fire department won't let me!
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Ever since they took off his toes (filed down his hooves to remove the points and take the pressure off) and also put rolled toe shoes on him, he has been doing better. The shoes lift him off the ground, and with his toes being filed back, he no longer has that enormous pressure on his feet when he walks. He still has bad days and good days, but more good days now. I take him to the clinic for tests on the 8th of Jan.
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Did someone say pancakes? Yum.

Spent the morning figuring out stuff, god, I cannot wait til all this figuring out is over and we can be home. Realistically, I don't know if we can make it to the date that Jake wants to. I figured that it would be less stressful to have a certain date decided but it is so difficult. *sigh*
In due time, it will be figured out. But I hate that feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Have a good day all.

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I went out for breakfast with my fiance and our friend, Jason, this morning. I thought that we were going to come home and nap afterwards, but instead ended up going to Jason't apartment and chatting for 3 hours or so. Now we're home, waiting for my mom to arrive with a bookcase for us, and waiting for Jason to arrive so that we can pick up from where we left off of our wonderful conversation.

Christmas was great this year. Josh and I didn't exchange gifts, but the rest of our families really made up for it. My sister and Spike got me a ton of Buffy the Vampire Slayer books... I only wish I had some down time to actually read them. She also got me the fifth season of Buffy on DVD, a few new Christmas ornaments, and new sheets for our bed. OH, and clothes... I love my sister.

I was planning on going to the gym today, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Perhaps I'll get up enough energy to go tonight... maybe not.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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I haven't been posting much because of recent events.

Rob gave me a heart attack last week, when he came home from work and said that a customer pulled a gun on him. He initially refused to serve the customer, customer got angry, and pulled out a gun and pointed at him. The guy then ran out, Rob filled out a police report, and I still feel sick over the whole incident.

Meanwhile Toronto is having shootings every night now, and Rob could have been a statistic if that low life decided he wanted to pull the trigger.

Toronto the Good, is becoming Toronto the Bad very quickly.

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Whoa Kass! Are you guys okay????? Yikes, that is scary!
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Meanwhile, we sold our condo in downtown Toronto to escape the low lifes. *sigh* I guess it doesn't matter where you are anymore, but this gun play is getting old very fast
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I'm so glad Rob is OK Kass! What a world we live in. I've visited Toronto many times and each time I visit, it seems more and more like New York. I hope that low life stays far away from Rob in the future.
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How scary Kass!

Just got home from Denver where we got to visit our friends and Muddy & Koko's adopted brothers Jake and Elwood. What a riot they are!!! I could go on for days on genetic influences on behavior - they were separated at 5 weeks old and now at 8-1/2 months old they are still pretty much the same family of cats!! And Jake is so much like his cousin Scarlett it was hysterical.

Anyway, trying to type with Muddy and Oscar in my lap and it's not easy. Got some great Poly pics of Elwood to post when I get the camera downloaded. Gotta give my babies extra scritches right now.....
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Oh my, Kass, this is very scary! I hope you and Rob will work your way out of this. And that you will never have to experience something like this again.
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