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Sucker for an infomercial.....

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Every once in awhile, I get hooked on a product from an infomercial. Has anyone seen this one?

Scunci Steamer

Better yet, has anyone bought one? I am thinking about ordering. The idea of cleaning without chemicals is pretty enticing. But, I also don't want to be a sucker for some infomercial product.

In defense of the dreaded infomercial, I do like my George Foreman grill.....

Why can't they just have this stuff in the store, so you can go buy the damn thing and return it without having a life-altering event if you aren't happy?
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Deb, you are not the only one, I love infomercials. I was watching this one for a rotiserre oven thingyamajig, and it looks sooo good. But thankfully, Jake doesnt believe in them or else I would be ordering everything off the net! I try to avoid infomericals.
I think I saw a steamer thingy at Bed Bath and Beyond last weekend. Or try Lowes or Home Depot. How about something like this or

That way, it is easy to return to the store.

Oh yeah, I love my George Foreman grill as well - I love the way all the fat drains away! Never realised how much fat burgers had!
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Don't think that I didn't beat a path to Bed, Bath, and Beyond yesterday before they closed! I didn't see the stupid thing.
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I'm afraid to call in to those places in fear that they will then start calling me to sell me junk over the phone. Once you do business with a company, they can call even if you are on a no-call list! There have been several things I would love to buy off the TV, but I won't because I don't want them to have access to my phone number.
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If you do business with someone it's true they can call you, but only until you tell them that you don't wish to be contacted by phone anymore. I finally got wise & picked up EVERY single call for a few weeks, listened through the spiels, and told the callers that I didn't wish to be contacted by phone anymore. Voila! No more calls.
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My dad bought his rotisserie grill at a store called...."The As Seen on TV Store". They are around, depending on where you live.
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Bought a vacum once, had more trouble with that sucker.Even had to send it back because the motor burned out,after 2 months. It only lasted 2years. Still love the shows. Like that juicer that grinds upeeled fruit etc...
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Originally posted by Sammie5
My dad bought his rotisserie grill at a store called...."The As Seen on TV Store". They are around, depending on where you live.
Does he like it?
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He likes it a lot. There are lots of parts, and quite a process to use the thing, but he has now gotten rid of his old cranky rusty outdoor grill, and uses this all the time instead.
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I bought a huge pro model steamer from HSN a few months back, I wanted it to sanitize my floors and litter boxes. It was a pain to deal with so I sent it back. Took a long time to heat up and wasnt worth the trouble. The only thing I liked it for was cleaning my floors, I have tile floors all over and it didnt really work on the soap scum, hard water stains etc.in the bathroom, so I figured it wasnt worth the trouble of dragging it out every time I wanted to clean. I tried it on my oven, didnt work, and then on the burner pans and it didnt work on that either. I'm eyeing that Roomba vac that runs around and vaccuums all day by itself now. Wonder if its worth it?
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No i've never seen it and i never buy off of TV.
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Hey Deb, I haven't seen the infommercial for that, but I checked out the link. The claim of killing bacteria sounds too good to be true and in the realm of infommercial products, that's usually the case. As far as I know, to kill bacteria with heat you have to reach a high enough temperature and even maintain that temperature for a minimum amount of time before the bacteria is killed. The steamer may be heating the water high enough to kill some bacteria in the water, but I would wonder... is the temperature high enough once it hits the surface you are cleaning?... Is it hitting the surface long enough?... How long would you have to hover over a surface with it?

I think they are relying on the fact that most people don't know the specifics of killing bacteria with heated water, so they will just believe the claims. I would like to know more about it myself, as I boil water for drinking in the summer without know exactly how long I should. I just know that it gets rid of some aftertaste. I think it would be a good idea to try and find out the details. Perhaps a Google search would help.
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That Roomba vac looks like a fabulous idea...but you might want to take a look at a store display before shelling out the for one. The one I saw didn't have a very big storage bin for dirt - it would probably bog down from my cats' & dogs' hair (and my hair, too!) in just a few minutes - I'd be emptying it constantly. Plus, the price will probably go down after a while - right now it's kind of steep for what you get.
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That one is probably too small, Deb. I've had a steam cleaner (Kärcher, also sold in the U.S.) for over four years, and I love it. The one I have holds about 3/4 of a gallon of water, and has attachments for cleaning windows, floors, etc., plus a terrific steam iron. I use it to clean the litterbox, bathroom, kitchen, floors (laminate, parquet, marble and stone tiles), rugs, windows, microwave, and oven, just to give a few examples, and also to defrost the freezer and strip wallpaper. The day it breaks down, I will go out and buy another one. It was expensive (about $250), but I haven't bought any cleansers since I've had it, and it has cut my cleaning time in half. I have an unvented dryer, and use the distilled water from it in the steam cleaner. I like the fact that JC isn't being exposed to harsh chemicals, and that I no longer have allergy reactions to strong cleansers. Instead of buying the expensive terrycloth covers for the attachments, I save and use old hand towels, dish towels and washcloths. The disadvantage is that it has to heat up. I fill it and turn it on before I do the dusting and run the sweeper. I had seen the steam cleaner in stores, but only bought one after seeing an "infomercial" showing how to use one to the best effect.
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I'm not really a sucker (learned my lesson the hard way when purchasing a "Jane Fonda Treadmill" years ago

I did, however, purchase a very similar steamer on the Home Shopping Network (channel on cable television similar to QVC).

I really like mine! I used to clean my bathroom (great for getting the sludge out from behind the faucets and in little crevices).

My son didn't approve of it's power for cleaning his car engine. . . but that's not really what it's intended for.

I'm not regretting that I bought it.

I just tried to do a search for it, and don't see it listed anymore. It does look similar to the one you are interested in.
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If there is an "As Seen on TV" store near you, you'll save on the shipping.

I have a Ronco Showtime rotisserie and love it. We use it for turkey breasts and, recently, I cooked a pork loin in it. Yum!

Not all of the TV stuff is junk - my Singer electric scissors are a godsend to someone with arthritis and my dad loves his Handy Stitch. I love my pasta pot, too.
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I know I have seen an "As Seen on TV" store somewhere, but for the life of me, I can't remember where. I have been searching Google for 2 days trying to get a site that lists the store locations, but no dice.


Thanks for the input. I think I will probably buy it.

As to TV products in general, I have had some good luck. I love my George Foreman grill, my Winsor Pilates DVDs, and even my old Ginsu knives (although I have had my eye on Miracle Blade for awhile....). And as far as cleaning products go, Zap! amazes the hell out of me for how well it does on my bathroom. I also had a H-U-G-E tub (probably lifetime supply) of Quick and Brite. That stuff has never failed to get a stain off my carpet.
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Originally posted by Deb25
(although I have had my eye on Miracle Blade for awhile....)
My fiance and I have been dying to order the Miracle Blade set after seeing the infomercial a few weeks ago! We've never ordered anything from tv though so we keep looking at the website and putting it off. The steamer sounds pretty good though, I kind of want one of those now too!
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Believe it or not..one of the banners at the bottom of my page is the As Seen On TV website.


I didn't look thru it very well, but I swear I saw a store locator.

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Those banners can be pretty neat!


The ones that usually appear for me are for the Red Cross & the Peace Corps, for some reason...
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The last day of my vacation, I saw a similar product to the Scunci Steamer on Home Shopping Network. This one was the Euro Pro steam cleaner. It was $20 more than the other, but seemed to be larger. So, I succumbed to the overpowering temptation and ordered it. It came in the mail a couple of days ago, and I just gave it the first test drive. I really like it. The squeegee for the mirrors is a little lame, but it did get a bunch of disgusting gunk off the floors and cleaned the grout between the tiles in the tub. Yay!
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Deb, EuroPro makes good products. I have a sewing machine and a serger, from them. Neither has ever given me a bit of trouble.
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I hope you enjoy it, Deb. A couple of people (friend, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, mother) who've seen me using mine have bought them, too. Two years ago, some guy who saw me cleaning my windows with it (he was delivering something on our street) actually knocked on my door and asked about it - he figured his wife would love to have one.
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I bought a Jack Lalaine juicer, it was on a informercial for $149 and I went to eBay and got a brand new one there for $99, works great.
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I know most of you have been unable to sleep at night wondering about my latest impulse buy.

I thought I would post some pics of the Euro Pro in action. This morning I decided to clean the kitchen floor. I really liked the way it worked, especially when you think of the fact that I used no chemicals. Then, I got a wild hair to pull out the drawer under the stove. OMG!!!!! I do not think under this place has been cleaned.....EVER! (I think it was a place I missed when I moved in.)

So, without further fanfare, here is 'before' (not for the weak....) (and how big of a dork am I for running for the digital camera?)

And.....da da da DA......'after'

Who's the sucker now??? I love this machine! I could become a reformed, compulsive house cleaner!
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Wow, that really made a difference!

Actually, I've been wondering about that...thanks for the update.

Can you post a pic of the cleaner? Is it light or heavy? Does it take much hand strength to use, and do you have to scrub, or does it just make the dirt disappear?
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Here's a link for the steamer I purchased. Mine doesn't look exactly the same, but the model number matches and the specs seem to be the same. I like how it's on casters, so it rolls along. I bought mine on Home Shpping Network and got it for $10 less, but in checking there, they don't seem to have the same model available anymore. I think I am going to attempt my carpets with this contraption. I did a small test area that looks good so far. If I can do my rugs without having some expensive people come in, this just paid for itself. As you can see, the under the stove thing isn't perfect, but that was literally about 27 years of crap with little to no effort.
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Deb, you sound like another "convert"! Just be careful not to get the rugs too wet.
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OMG Deb! What an improvment.. One day two years a door to door salesman came around with one of his products(nearly $2000-) , it was a steam cleaner, one of the first "good" models in NZ of course Nana fell for it and brought it, it does an excellent job but we have seen better smaller cheaper ones now, 2 years later... ... I'm not a sucker and don't think I'd ever buy anything like this, but Deb that looks great.Congrats.
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