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I bought this cat box thinking it would be a good idea. Well my one cat has used it but I'm not so sure about my other one, this morning i found a puddle of pee on the spare bed and a puddle on the floor by the litter box. So I'm thinking she might be scared to go in it, does any one have any suggestions on getting my cat to use this new litter box, oh and she has used a covered box before.thx
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How many litter boxes do you have? The recommendation is 1 per cat + 1. First make sure there isn't a medical reason for the peeing. Try putting the old litter box in the spare bedroom. Did you change brands of litter when you changed boxes??
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You should never remove an old litterbox that your cat is using until you confirm they have adjusted to the new one. As sweets says make sure your cat isn't sick. If you changed litters change it back and clean the spots where she went with an enzymatic pet cleaner. I'd put the old box right next to the new one. Sit by the boxes a couple of times a day and when your cat comes in praise her for going near or looking at the new one. Allow the regular box to get dirtier than usual, but keep the new one really clean and try putting a scoop of used litter in it.
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Oh yeah...I too, was going to post, that if you put a bit of the "old" (used) litter into the new litter box, it may well entice your kitty in to use it!
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