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Cat Insurance

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Sorry I'm asking so many questions, but this is the first time I've ever had to deal with one of my cats being sick.

Does anyone have the medical insurance for their pet? If you do, would you recommend it? What does it cover? How do I get it?

After this problem with Simon (which is going to cost me an arm and a leg) I probably should look into it, just to be safe.

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I don't have insurance, but have done alot of research on it. For me it isn't cost effective. Only a couple of places offer it and have many restrictions as to what is covered and for how much. Often pre existing conditions and congenital conditions are excluded. Consumer Reports tackled this question a while back and concluded that setting up a savings account for emergency pet care would be preferable to purchasing insurance. Some people choos to keep an energency credit card just for this purpose. I would start a savings and in the meantime keep credit available for emergencies.
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I have pet insurance for my two cats & it only costs an extra $2.00 p/w on top of my contents (property) insurance..

Over here in Australia, the insurance covers you for any medical bills that reach other $500 AUD.. So if one of my cats breaks it's legs and the operation costs $2000 to fix, i just have to pay $400 excess & that is all..

I think it is great to have, because you just never know what could happen as cats like to wonder..

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I dont have pet insurance because like mskitty666 it is not cost effective. I have 4 cats at the moment (never less than 3 at any time) Over the years at £5.00 each a month, I dare not even calucalate that, is a lot of dosh. My eldest cat, tulip at 17 has never really been sick, just once as a kitten. I worked it out that even if one of them cost me £1000 in treatment is would work out cheaper than the insurance. Perhaps if I only had one cat I would do it. I also have a credit card specially for emergency cat fund. Have never used it. (fingers crossed)
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Yes insurance always depends on costs & also how many pets you have.. For me it is feasable but for some it is not..

We pay $37 per month as is for our contents insurance so we thought why not add the cats to it.. I was wrong in the amount i said in my above post, it actually costs $2.00 per month not p/w.. We have 2 credit cards set aside for emergencies as it is definently the other way to go just in case..
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insurance is a scam.

i pay $22 a month for my cats, and simply cannot see the use for it for indoor cats.

im definitely getting rid of the insurance once they reach a year of age. they should be good to go after that point.

besides, if something extremely rare and major ever did happen, i'd pay whatever it takes to get them fixed up.

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