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Cat Show Update

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Hi All

Rene called me last night (late her time) and gave me some updates. So here we go. First of all I want to announce (with the tears flowing with happiness) that her Merlot (the aby from me) became a Grand Champion (although I wasn't there in person, he knows how proud I am of him); second, my Sugar made 3 out of 4 finals and she even beat both of her sisters (Rene and Sandie own the sisters) in one ring; and third but not least, Tiggytoes' baby got a few ribbons himself. I'm very proud of everyone. Now, I've gotta go run and be a fly on the wall at today's show. I'll let you know what I find out. Good luck everyone at today's show.

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That both Rene and Ken (Imagyne) did well during their judging class (both judge the Champion class) and Donna did well at Clerking. I guess I was so excited about Merlot that the humans slipped my mind. Sorry guys but I know you'll understand.

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Meows and congratulations to everyone involved! Sounds like the weekend was a great success!
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Three Maiows and a catnip mouse to all involved....

We are proud of ALL of you!!
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I had to take a few minutes to congratulate all pets and their pals. ESPECIALLY, Merlot The Grand Champion!

P.S. Keep an eye on Imagyne with the catnip mouse that KittyFoot sent to all involved. Last time you let him have one of those, Sandie; he rolled around so much he threw his back out!
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The cat show went very well. Boy word travels fast! The article about the turkish angoras was in the Courant this morning and HP placed 5 of them. A couple with two young children took a teenager and a kitten turkey. Rene got another 18 calls tonight for the turkeys. It was a wonderful article. Unfortunately, because I am involved as a volunteer with Helping Paws, I was not allowed to write the article (conflict of interest, according to my editor), but he did give me the credit (kisses to Bernie, although I would've preferred the money). I'll e-mail you a copy of it tomorrow when I get to work.

Clerking was a real experience. A little stressful when you're trying to show a cat. I've decided to come NJ without MooShoo to help me concentrate on clerking. It seems pretty simple.

Tiggeytoes' kitty did great for his first time. He took a few ribbons. I hope she brings him again. The more exposure he gets the easier it'll be. He seemed pretty relaxed.

You were missed. Can't wait to see you in September.


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Many congatulations to everyone!! Oh I wish I could go to those wonderful shows!!

A Special congratulations to Merlot !!!

(Ps, one of my cats is called Merlot, I wish it had been him!! :laughing: )

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Thanks everyone - but Frannie you forgot I granded two cats this weekend - my Oriental Shorthair Beta also became a grand and I got him from your mother! Congratulations to both Merlot and Beta (Merlot is named for my favorite wine and Beta for the Siamese fighting fish). Milo was Best of the Best shorhair household pet - Michele's Billy was Best of the Best longhair Household pet and my LEon Rey was third best of the best longhair. Merlot was second Best of the Best champion cat - Beta was second Best of the Best alter. My kitten Myst was Best of the Best household pet kitten and Frannie's was third Best of the Best. Michele's rag doll kitten was third best of the best purebred kitten and Rhian, Sandie and Ken's munchkin kitten was second best of the best. We had a fantastic show weekend and it was very exciting to grand my first two cats in one weekend!
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Rene; Your post is literally "Glowing" with the PRIDE you feel for your cats and your friends' cats as well! Thanks for sharing this. Also, a BIG HUG to Frannie for her updates! I feel as though I had been there with you. Perhaps someday I can be. We would love to see pictures of the Ribbon Winners!!!

Hey, Anne; there's an idea for a permanent gallery A WINNERS CIRCLE, so to speak. Do you think that between all involved we could get pictures and the correct documentation to honor all the "Champions" in their divisions and districts? :egypt:
What a GREAT GALLERY that would be. . . . . .
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All hail Beta and Merlot, the Grand Champions! So let it be written, so let it be done!

I second Three-Legged Kat's suggestion about giving a corner of The Cat Site over to records of such accomplishments!

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Just a brief interjection here, totally off the point I know, but still.... we named Merlot after the wine too.... how cool??!!

Sorry I'll go now...... hee hee

Ps, Good idea about the gallery!!

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