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Our nice weather held, through Christmas but, winter has arrived with a vengeance! Friday was cold, windy and rainy. Lucky for Bill, he didn't have to work.

Last night's low was 21 and tonight is supposed to be 23. Its going to be a three-cat night. All three have already been piled in our bed and its only 45, right now! Opie is now at his station, next to the heating vent. I'm glad that I put the flannel sheets on. Ooh, those are nice!
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Sounds like Nebraska!

So, now you FINALLY get to break out that jacket,eh?
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brr is right. I'm in California and I'm FREEZING!!!!!!
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32 degrees here in Oregon right now-waiting for this rain to turn to snow anytime
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Right now it is 39 F (4C)
Not too bad for this area. THank goodness. It was in the 50s today, which was real nice.
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Gee Cindy, by the thread title I thought you were going to report the 60s out there in Arizona!
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We've even reached frost point out here in San Diego. I haven't done anything to any of my plants, but we may lose some avocado trees out in the fields.
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Brrrr. I'm also in California and its freezing here too. It was 24 last night and we're expecting rain tonight or tomarrow.
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You guys make me laugh..... when it dips to -20 then lets talk about how cold it is Canadians wear shorts when it is 21!.... lol
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Finland has had a weird winter so far, we've only had a few cold days and no snow to speak of, and we had rain a few days ago! Rain, not snow... Well, today we're getting snow. Heaps of it. Must be around 6-8 inches already, started snowing this morning. Decided not to go shopping today, don't want to get stuck in the snow!
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The temp has dropped 8 degrees, since I got up. It is 7:45 and 19 degrees. We're supposed to hit 60 today and it can't come soon enough. This is WAY too cold for my blood!
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I don't think you would like MINNESOTA. to me Its always cold except in the
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Not to much snow here either. Only one day of it so far. It's 37 degrees here and I have the door opened and the kitties are sitting out on the porch, I think I'm going to get them soon so they don't get sick. I'm hoping that it doesn't snow for three more days so I'll have a green birthday for the first time in ** years!LOL!
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I agree with Cabbie! Come talk to me when you have temps -0 with a wind chill factor or -20 or so.

It was 40 on Sunday and I saw people with no coats on!

You definately would not like Michigan.
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We've had an unseasonably warm winter so far here in southern Nova Scotia. We haven't had any snow yet, and its warm enough to walk around in just a shirt outside.

I'm liking it, but I'm also wondering if this is the 'calm before the storm' so to speak, and that we're in for a mountain of snow next month.
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True 24 isn't too bad. I used to live in Colorado and -10F was cold. And we had to stand in it to wait for the school bus not to mention walk a half mile to the bus stop.......
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You can't really compare temps in different parts of the country. I went to school in WY and grew up in CO and have experienced 70 below. My first winter back in Chicago was 40 inches of snow and 10 to 20 below for over a month. HOWEVER, here, where the mean temp is 70 above, 32 is VERY cold and we lose our crops. What we're getting now may mean a huge increase in avocado prices. It's just like when CO loses it's winter wheat. And you acclimate quickly. Stay here for about a month and you'll see that 50 and below can be cold.

BTW, when I was in school in WY it'd be 10 below and folks would wear short sleeves and shorts.
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the only thing good about cold weather is it gets rid of the BUGS!
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Raquel, I second that in a big way. Never had troubles with cockroaches in CO, here we're lucky if we can catch them on the way in to the apartment! GICK!
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Better, this morning. Its 40 and heading for low 60s. They're predicting rain, for NYE, though. I may have to rethink the spaghetti-strapped dress, for tomorrow night. Maybe one of my purple velvets will be more in order.
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I had to laugh at our weatherman this morning. He said we are going through a warm spell - the high will be 28 degrees F today through Thursday.
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It's not that cold here in South West Wales(about 37 max temp and 32 min temp) but there's so much rain!!!!!!!!! The five day forcast says rain every day
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Last night it was -2! Right now it is 0 and snowing, the wind chill is -6. I'll be staying indoors for a while!
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Originally posted by Cabbie
You guys make me laugh..... when it dips to -20 then lets talk about how cold it is Canadians wear shorts when it is 21!.... lol
That's how it is in Northern Michigan too! You know it's cold in Northern Michigan, when your nose runs and freezes. Or when you go out with damp hair and it freezes solid and breaks if you bump it or someone tries to bend it!
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