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Out of the Ordinary Behavior

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I have had Rosey since 1998 when I took her in from being a stray. I had her fixed and front declawed. In this time I have moved three times. The most recent move last March to a house. She up to this point was only in apartments. She had only vomited once in my second apartment. She had vomited once here a couple of months ago, but last evening and today has vomited. It is very out of the ordinary for her and I'm not sure what could be wrong. There is nothing in her routine that has changed. Food hasn't changed. Her personality is completely the same. The only difference I am noticing in the vomiting. I'm not sure what could be wrong. Please help.
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Poor kitty! You should get her to a vet as soon as possible. I hope it's not serious and she gets better.
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definately get her to a vet, something so out of the ordinary is usually a warning sign... could be a virus or a blockage.
hope your kitty gets better!
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My husband, the more sensible one when it comes to Rosey asked if I had changed the type of canned food I've been giving her. I feed her in the morning, and she grazes throughout the day. She started scratching a lot when winter hit and the heater was turned on, so besides her dry food and water I started giving her a little canned food in the morning also. I thought orginally when he asked this question that I had just finished a package. I realized we had just started a new package. Apparently something with this flavor has her out of wack, the type has never changed. This is the only type of canned food I've ever given her. She also tends to eat VERY fast. To the point I'm surprised she doesn't get sick. She runs upstairs with me in the morning and has been bypassing the dry food in the morning for the canned. I'm laying off the canned for a while to see what happens. I'm watching her very cautiously and will keep you updated. Thanks so much.
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Either elevate her food bowl or buy an elevated feeder, that helps a lot to stop regurgitation as cats are gulpers.
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If she is eating too fast or too much that is a common cause of cat's vomiting. She may just be too excited about receiving this new food. Try giving her just a spoonful so you can control how fast she eats it. Once you get her to slow down put the spponful in a bowl. Gradually increase the amount as her eating habit improves. You could also try removing the bowl for a few minutes, then putting it out again. I have used a weighted ball in my cat's disshes to slow them down before. With wet food that might be too messy for you, but it works.
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