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Anyone doing weight watchers?

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I would like to lose 10-15 lbs. and I am really sick of the fad diets. I have been reading about weight watchers and I am really surprised that it is not all that expensive.

Does anyone have any experience with it? Good or bad?

Any info would be appreciated because I would like to start it this week.

Thanks in advance!

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There are actually a few people on the board that have done this or in the process of doing this right now. I know Deb25 has done a great job on WW.

Here's the link to our Weight Loss thread. It's rather long, but it's well worth the read. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...ht=weight+loss

Good luck to you & hope this may help you!
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I did Weight Watchers a few years ago, and lost over 20 lbs. I wasn't careful, and I regained most of it, so I'm back to it. It really does work, as long as you're willing to work, too. Good luck.
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If you follow the program, it most definitely works. I lost about 25 pounds over the past 5 months. You learn about your eating habits and how to eat healthier. You also do not have to deprive yourself. The program is very flexible. Two of our other mods, Colby and Daniela (airprincess and dtolle), have experienced success with WW, too. My group leader and group have also been supportive and friendly.
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Deb so you would recommend WW to help lose smaller amounts even like the 10,15,20 lb range? Do you have to physically go to a WW center? If so, how often? I'm sure there's a website so maybe I'll look for it now to answer these questions lol!

I haven't thought of doing WW because I always have the mindset that since I only want to lose 10-15 lbs that I should just do it myself, but since it's been maybe 5 years now that I've wanted to lose the 15 maybe it's time to get some real help and actually get it done.

Anyone use the Slim Fast shakes to lose weight? I've been thinking about trying those to lose the extra 15, but of course haven't gotten around to buying them yet!

Kara if you decide to do WW good luck and I hope it works out for you!
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Well I couldn't resist. I have to add my .02 now
Im my opinion the Slim Fast plan is not one you want to follow in the long run. Those shakes and bars contain quite a bit of sugar, and everyone knows that not good for you. Also they seem to revolve around what I believe to be a sort of starvation plan. There just doesn't seem to be much substance to their plans.
1.First of all, Id say eliminate any soda, juices and the like from your diet. It might seem a bit extremem, but these do nothing good for you. They are loaded with different forms of sugar that just quickly raise your blood sugar level. This, in big amounts, can supposedly lead to insulin resistance.
2.Remember to include fibrous carbohydrates in your diet. Leafy green vegetables, some wheat breads, and the like are good.
3.Always include execise as part of your weight loss plan. It helps with burning calories, plus builds up muscle which will raise your metabolism as muscles need enegy to work.
4.If possible have 6 smaller meals a day instead of the regular 3 meal day. Food throughout the day is definetly a metab. booster, and stops you from having hunger pains.
5.Research some minerals, vitamins, and the like to find out which ones would be helpful for you.
6.Remember that you do not have to stick to this all the time! Treat yourself to something special now and then. Helps keep morale up!

There some tips to what I believe is a good weight loss plan.

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I would still recommend WW for even 10-15 pounds. What you learn about eating, weight loss, and taking control of your life applies to other areas besides just eating.

If you join, you attend weekly meetings and pay a weekly fee while you are losing. Once you attain your goal and maintian it for 6 weeks, you become a Lifetime member. Then your membership is free, so long as you stay within 2 pounds of your goal weight. You have to weigh in once a month then, For me personally, I needed to be accountable to someone, so the weekly weigh in at meetings was motivational for me. If you have a good group, they support you all the way and make you celebrate any successes you have, especially the ones that aren't scale related. I made Lifetime just before Thanksgiving, but I still like to go to my weekly meeting. The people in my group are fun, and now I help to motivate people who are just getting started.

I did the Slim Fast thing for a good year and never lost an ounce.
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Thanks Deb, I've been surfing around the WW website the past few minutes. I think for my area it said it's either $10 or $13 (for the flex membership or something) per week so that seems like a bit much to me when I only want to lose 10-15, but as I was saying with how many years and it hasn't happened maybe it's worth it. I don't know. I guess ideally it shouldn't take me too many weeks/months to lose, but who knows, I do believe that these are the hardest pounds to go. Is your group made up of people of all ages? I know I wouldn't want to do the group thing as I'm not much of a people person, but I bet it would get easier each week. Another thought is that I love to cook and bake and I would hate to pay for a program like WW and then blow it if my will isn't strong enough to stay on track. But I always think that I should get healthier while I'm still young so I can enjoy these years even more than I already am!

Well thanks for the info Deb, I appreciate your input. I think I'll be considering it.

-Good list Brandon!
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Brandon actually has some of the best suggestions. I'm in OA and I have to develop a new food plan (I lost all interest in the other one I was using) and it will follow some of that plan. I also need to have a diet for early menopausal and pre-diabetes and SlimFast is NOT a good choice for that and Weight Watchers is not my choice either because it's too expensive. I had a friend who went on Jenny Craig and ended up getting into drugs because it was too intense.

My Mom has been overweight most of her life and would not recommend any diet program. However, she has just joined Curves and she LOVES it! I would recommend increasing activity a little and cut out some of the extraneous or less healthy foods. You should be able to lose 10 pounds or so quite easily. When I first did that I lost nearly 40 pounds.
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Increasing activity is one of the thing s that WW encourages. As a matter of fact, due to one of the people in my WW group, I learned of Curves. I have been a member there for about 4 months.
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When I joined last year the meetings each week gave me that extra push to stick with it knowing I would be weighed when I went in.

My mom did the program with out joining it and is doing great. She has went from about 206lbs to 161lbs. I'm very proud of her.

I can't wait to rejoin. I really would feel better about myself once I start shedding the pounds.

I'm also going to start walking every day for at least an hour. My boyfriend said he would walk with me, and I figure the days he can't I'll bring my walkman for entertainment.

I'm very determined this time to make it work. I'll need some CatSite vibes for sure and I'll be posting in the other thread about my progress.

2 more days of pigging out and then the axe falls

Anyone who is looking for a good weight loss plan I reccommend WW. It worked for so many people and you don't feel like your dieting, just watching what you eat. I also found the things you learn there really stick. Especially about portion size. I didn't realize how much I was eating until I really took a good look at it.

Good luck to those on it and going on it!!!
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