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hi guys

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i'm new new here so i wanted to say hi and can't wait to meet you all.
my name is maya i have 4 kitties. 2 boys and 2 girls. attaching pics so 2 more posts are coming up. hope i get this right..

first is Ludmila (mila) she's the mommy of the others.
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Welcome! Mila is a beautiful kitty!
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the twins (her sons)
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mila's little girl

hi Sue i see your kitties in the sig they are beautiful.
how can i get a sig with photos?
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Princess Purr made mine for me. I know a few people make them. I need to get mine updated, I have 2 kitties not in it, and Osiris' name is now Question!
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your sig is great i wouldn't mind seeing biger photos your furkids. i'll probebly have a few more since mila's is expecting, maybe in 6 weeks or so. we also have 2 amazing dogs, 1 cute hamster and so far 9 fish. how did you get so meny cats?
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Welcome to TCS enjoy your stay . You have some very pretty kitties
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Originally posted by mila

What exactly is this cat?
Welcome to TCS, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Hi there! Welcome to TCS.

Mila is a very pretty girl, and her offspring are lovely too. Keep the pics coming, we love 'em.

As for pics in your signature, you need to find a site to host your images, and remote link to them, in your sig block [in your profile, about halfway down]. If you're looking for such a site, you might try Village Photos. It's pretty user friendly, pretty trouble free, the limitations placed on free accounts are quite survivable and you can upgrade for, I think, not a lot of money, if you need more flexibility.

Anyway -- welcome!
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your babies are beautiful!!!!
i have twins too!!!
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after hearing from you i know i'll enjoy it here. thanks for the welcome.

Brandon - a purple short hair saying hello. peace to you too.
Fran thank you so much for the link. where can i see bigger pics of the cats who belong to this forum?
i'd love to see a pic of the twins.
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Welcome to TCS to you and your feline friends.

Ludmila is gorgeous.
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Originally posted by mila
where can i see bigger pics of the cats who belong to this forum?
The "Fur Pictures Only" forum is a grand place to get a kitty "fix", also, you could check out the Cat Pages -- and make pages for your cats, too -- it's not hard to do.
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Welcome Mila - what beautiful cats you have
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thanks everyone.
just found the cat pages - they are wonderful.
also the captions section - that's looks like so much fun.
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what am i doing wrong? help.
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Welcome Mila, you have some beautiful cats. I have 2 boys newman and cosmo.
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Originally posted by mila
what am i doing wrong? help.

If you are using Village Photos, with a freebie account, part of your problem is that they are doing some maintenance and have cut off external linking for free accounts while that's going on. I know that because I wondered why my photos were not showing up and went to the site to find out. But I don't think that's all of it.

If that were the whole problem, you would see nothing except whatever text is in your sig block. What you have there is the closing half of the "tag" for the image, so I think you probably still have some work to do on setting your sig up.

What you should have in the sig block setup is something like this
[IMG] http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-...-Buntcssig.jpg [/IMG]
(I've inserted spaces between the tags and the URL, so that it will all display in this message, but you should type it with no spaces.)

Then it should retrieve your picture properly. (If you're using a different image hosting site, the format will of course be the same, just a different URL, and getting the format right SHOULD fix the problem.

Good luck!
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thank you so much Fran. this helps a lot.
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well at least there's a red X now.
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Well two years ago we had IDENTICAL twins, born in the same sac with the same placenta they were gorgeous but both died.

Welcome to to site anyways. I hope you plan on getting Mila spayed, *no offence*
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Originally posted by mila
well at least there's a red X now.
Hi Mila,

What URL are you using? There's a specific one for each image, which you obtain by using the link provided with the image to copy to the clipboard (or if that doesn't behave with your browser, simply writing down the URL that presents itself on your screen when you place your cursor over that link, and typing it into the sig block set up with the [img] ... [/img] tags around it.) Each of these URL's will be exactly the same, except for the file name of the image in question.

Edit: I see Village Photos has changed the account structure while I wasn't looking! Poop! Oh well, I think a Plan X will continue to cover my needs, and $5 for 6 months is pretty nominal. Obviously the above comments are specific to Village Photos, but I think the process won't be much different no matter where you go -- you'll still need a URL to put between those tags, and it will be specific to your image.
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thank you very much Fran.
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Their gorgeous!!.

Welcome to the site.

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