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For Those Interested In The Paranormal...

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I found an interesting article about the connection between animals and the spirit world. http://paranormal.about.com/cs/trueg...a/aa111703.htm
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When I first moved into my house, Midnight was my only cat. But we had a ghost cat, too. I would hear a cat moving through the house, feel it jump up on the bed, or see it out of the corner of my eye wrapping its way around a corner, and Midnight would be sitting right next to me, so I knew it couldn't have been him! He would be watching the ghost cat right along with me.
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I have to go past the emergency clinic where I had Leo put down, and several times have seen a huge red tabby in the bushes out front. I stopped in to ask if he was a stray, I was going to take him home. They said there is no such cat around. He's there, I SAW him.
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We live in an older house and I sometimes think I hear strange noises. Snowball is always right beside me when this happens and is always aware of the noise at the same time that I am.

Here's a recent example of something that happened early one morning back in October, and I hope this doesn't seem totally nuts. When I woke up that morning, the first thing I heard was a really strange whispery voice coming from the corner of the room and I also noticed an eerie(sp?) feeling in the air. Snowball was on the bed cuddling with me, and I noticed that he immediately perked up and started staring very intently into that corner at exactly the same time I was hearing the voice. The thing that bothers me the most when something like this happens is Snowball's immediate reaction, because that means I can't say it was only my imagination and nothing more. Whatever causes these noises seems to be harmless.
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Probably just a poltergeist waiting for the right time to strike
I remember in our old house we had something like that. I was really young though so I don't remember the details. Anyways, Ive always wanted to see a ghost.

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After Penny died both Toes and I saw and felt her regularly.

I know Toes saw her because when I saw her go down the hall one day Toes ran after her.
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Since I brought home my two cats, I have had visits by my former outdoor kitty. I never was aware of it before but now, when I am in bed I feel a cat land on the bed and walk and when I look nothing is there I look at the foot and Mittens is laying there asleep or grooming herself. I have felt this walking on the bed and could find no cat anywhere. Sooo, I just say, ok Mort, it is fine. And then I go to sleep.
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