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Magellan update!

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Here are my two little ones after two months of being together. They dont sleep together yet, but they play nicely now. Me and hubby love to watch them run around and wrestle with each other. I am glad I got him, even though he is very skittish and wont let hubby near him (very afraid of him for no reason).

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What sweet pictures of your kitties!!!

I love how Magellan "helped" you wrap presents!
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Awww #3and #4 are the cutest picture: They really love each other Either one is a caption this!
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They all look so cute together , I love snuggle bugs
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Your furbabies are soooo precious!!! I especially like the last pic of Magellan. Isn't it nice when kitties want to help wrap presents??????
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These are adorable, thank you for posting them - great for inducing a smile
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There might be a reason that you don't know about. Tailer was always afraid of men and even though no man lived at the house where I got her, I figured some man had done something that scared her. She finally fell in love with my Dad (she is Grandpa's baby), but one day she was lying on their bed and my Dad was getting undressed and when he took the belt out of his pants she looked up and went flying. She has either been whipped with a belt or seen someone get whipped with a belt. It pains me so much to know this. Dad ran after her and coaxed her out of hiding and held her carefully, giving her lots of love. She finally calmed down, but my Dad does not take the belt out of his pants when she's around now.
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Poor baby , bless her heart . You may not want to know what really happend or you may get really ticked about it . My Snowball I got from the local shelter a few years ago was abused by a woman , I think . He was scared of me and all cats and dogs like me from the start when they smell me . But Snowball run rather away from me and that is not normal . But he like my hubby and son right from the start . It took Snowball 6 - 8 month to finaly trust me and now he even sleeps with me sometimes . Snowball also has a old injury on his back , so he slithly limps a little almost not noticing . So I think it come from that one woman who had him befor me . Some people are just plain mean .
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omg those pictures are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoey didnt like my fiancee much at first, she bit him lol. But now she likes him. Maybe it will just take some time.
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this was his first Christmas, so I had to let him play a little with the paper. as for being afraid of men, thats what we figure. I am going to email his foster and ask her if her husband ever went into his room (never left his foster room while he was there, house rules).

poor baby Tailer! some people are so mean.
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Magellan will warm up, though. Tailer just loves her Grandpa to death (my Dad) and all the pictures my Mom takes of Tailer or my Dad always has the other one in them. This is the same kitty that yowled terribly because she was put in the truck with my Dad when moving to Chicago (she was fine in the car with Mom and me, it was Dad she didn't want to be with).
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