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So worried!!! Help!

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I came home tonight and went to greet my little man Mr. E. He is
a large white cat. He is very loving and loves to be pet and held.
I noticed right away that he seemed to be disoriented and startled
when I walked in the room. He appeared as though he was watching a fly or something. I went to pick him up and he acted as though my touch was hurting him and he went wild scratching me to get out of my grasp! I am very worried and have never seen anything like it. It seems as though he is disoriented and as though when he is touched
it hurts him. Anyone have any idea what this is from?????
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Sounds like maybe something spooked him. I know whenever my cats are spooked and I try to hold them they will just fight to get away.

I'd watch him for a while and see if he calms down. If not I'd probly call the vet and ask them what they think you should do.
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Thanks for the input. I have been watching him and my fiance is laying in bed with him.. it is just weird. He acts like he is disoriented and confused. We do plan on calling the vet in the morning. :-)
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If you have an emergency vet I'd suggest calling them. Might be nothing, but when there's a noticable behavior change in one of my critters I'd be concerned.

Hope all is OK.

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I would get this cat to a vet quickly- the disorientation and the biting is a serious concern.
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If a cat is acting like he is hurt , you need to go to the vet with him . There can be something very wrong with him . If he is only spoked he only would take off running and not like he is hurting . So if you can find a vet today I would go like Hissy and CharmsDad recomentet .
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