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I'm in Archie heaven!

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I am a HUGE "All In The Family" fan and all day today (starting early this morning) TVLand has had an "ALL In The Family" marathon! I have been taping it all day...had to switch tapes three times so far and am going to tape it after I go to bed tonight goes until 6 am. I don't know if there are any other "All In The Family" fans out there besides me...maybe not...but I just love it! I think it is one of the funniest shows they ever made!! My favorite one is the episode where Edith goes through the change of life and tells Archie to "stifle" it!

When we were in Branson on vacation last August, we went to the Hollywood wax museum and they had a life size, very real looking display of all the characters on that show...they had to drag me away.
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I like "All in the Family" also, Debbie... Did you know that "The Jeffersons" was a spinoff of "All in the Family"?
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Yes I did! There were 2 Mr. Jefferson's.. The original Mr. Jefferson on "All In The Family", wasn't the same guy that played him later on ...but most people didn't notice. Louise (Weezie) was always the same, though!
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Side note....the character who played Archie (Carroll O'Connor) died a couple years ago, but Jean Stapleton (Edith) is still alive. I even saved the TV guide that had his picture on the front the week he died.
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I just forgot something.... Caroll O'Conner was on the show "The Heat of the Night" also.
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Hey Debbie, Caroll O'Conner is the spitting image of my grandfather who has passed. I will have to find a picture of him to show you. It is amazing how much they look alike. I like that show also and In the Heat of the Night with Caroll O'Conner in it also, I guess because he does remind me of my Grandpa.
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Yes, he was on that show too! I would love to see a picture of your grandpa!
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Actually, the first "George Jefferson" was George's brother. George didn't want to meet the Bunkers (he was just as much a bigot as Archie) and got his brother to impersonate him.

There were two different actors, who played Lionel, too. The first one walked off, in a contract dispute and was replaced. Later, the original came back, though. This was during the run of "The Jeffersons".

Speaking of spin-offs, "Maude" was an "All in the Family" spin-off (she was Edith's cousin) and "Good Times" spun off from "Maude". Sally Struthers (ugh) had a short-lived show "Gloria". The best thing about that show was Burgess Meredith, as Gloria's boss, a crusty old veterinarian.
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Thank you Cindy! I had forgotten a few of those things!!!

My second favorite AITF epsiode is when Archie is locked down in his cellar, and gets drunk on a bottle of 100 proof alcohol he finds there and then prays for God to take his soul...(he thinks he has been down there for days) and then he hears someone calling, "Archie...are you there?" and he say's "Wow...that was fast" and then the voice says he is coming to get him, and Archie thinks God is coming to take him home and says.."Yes, Lord...I hear you and I am ready to go!" and then this black man comes down the stairs and Archie looks up and sees him and gets this weird expression of total shock on his face and then he falls on his knees in front of the man and says "Forgive me Lord!!!!!!.........the Jefferson's was right!!!!!!!"
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As promised here is a picture of my Grandfather. I had to take a picture of the one hanging on the wall at my parents house since I couldn't find mine. Sorry this is the best one that I could get of him.
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By Archie do you mean like the comic book?

Sorry for my ignorance
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
By Archie do you mean like the comic book?

Sorry for my ignorance
No Archie as in Archie Bunker from the old TV show All in the Family. It was a very funny show back when I was little and that was quite a while ago
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Ah, I see.. didn't think twas the comics.. hehe.. Has it got a site? So I can check it out or what..

Thanks Cathi.
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Yep I will have to find the link for you. but here is a picture of Carroll O' Conner in the TV Series In the Heat of the Night. IT was a good show too and this is where he reminds me of my Grandpa the most.
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Thanks for that cathi, you're a gem.
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He does look similar to Archie! Especially in the days when he (Carroll) was on "In The Heat Of The Night". Thanks for sharing that picture!
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I love All in the Family too. I have stayed up into the wee hours in the morning watching re-runs.
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Oh, and Cathi your grandfather does resemble Carroll O'connor! Too funny.
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I love that show. Never cared much for Gloria, (Sally Struthers) and her shreiking, but the rest of it was great. I still watch In The Heat Of The Night several mornings a week, and All In The Family if I get home from school in time.
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I didn't care for Gloria either. My favorites were Archie and Edith!
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I loved that show! We always used to call my grandfather "Archie Bunker" because he sounded just like him. "All in the Family" was actually the American version of a German TV series (which neither I nor my husband can remember the name of, shame on us). Usually it works the other way. I guess I'm not so senile. I just remembered that it was "Ein Herz und eine Seele", i.e. one heart and one soul.
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jcat, that's cool! I didn't know that! Is there a website for this German show? I am curious what the charecters in it look like and how similar they are to AITF.
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