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Why can't people just leave me alone?

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My old boss came on another board, where I am moderator and resident advisor, just trashing me. He will be banned by morning, but it just was SO petty. We tried to do the right thing when we left, putting in 2 weeks notice, but he had to make it ugly and confrontational. And he wonders why people hate him, and he can't keep help.
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Sending out **Feel better** vibes to you.

I'm going through the same thing with my old boss. She's been saying some rather nasty things about me getting the old gossip mill working. It's a small town but I guess I'm lucky in that not many believe her. I left due to the fact that it was getting harder and harder keeping customers happy, (including my regulars), with their orders. I was being lied to by the person with the responsibility of ordering. He wasn't ordering anything he said he was and not getting reprimanded as he was the boss' fiancee. And I got in trouble for ordering things for customers that asked for specific items as well as copping all the abuse from unhappy customers.

So in the end I left. I didn't give her any notice when I did leave. I didn't have to and in the same week she cancelled two out of my four shifts without telling me the reason as to why. It even left the owners of the shop mystified but they stood back and did nothing. That was the last straw. I tied up all my loose ends and gave my notice. I know the owners had to come in, (they live out of town), a lot earlier than planned to help with things and to see what was going on. Though I doubt little was done about it. I know that there are unhappy customers out there because they stop me during when I'm grocery shopping and ask whether I'm on holiday. They're shocked to learn that I quit and worry about how they'll get their items that they need so I point out what used to be the opposition.

But people have been surprisingly nice to me. They've shown support even though I never expected it.

Try not to let it get to you. Be the bigger person and let your boss act the way he does. I'm sure everyone on your other board supports you as he is being banned. The truth always comes out.
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Yeah, I got in the chat room with a bunch of the members, and they were very supportive. I had deleted the worst of them by then, but left some up.
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Well he better not come here and start that crap because we know you and we know you are a wonderful person and we like you. Keep your chin up, girl! You are better than him!
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Right on Debby! Krazy just tell your ex-boss that if he comes here.................

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Sorry for your troubles CrazyKat!! I have some "leave me alone " vibes for your boss and "peace of mind" vibes for You.
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Hissy, I just love that!
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I know exactly how you feel, I am in the same shoes, sort of, the captain of the volleyball team is still on my back and now his girlfriend is too - she tried to tell my hubby to tell me to apologise to him for a comment I made but I refuse unless he apologises for constantly picking on me. Some people.

Good luck with your ex boss, aka jerk.
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This person is an adult???? Comes on an internet board just to trash you? One thing is for sure.....I'd be extra-glad I didn't work for him anymore.
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Oh, yeah, he is supposed to be an adult, but he has that long time convict mentality, and has to be the yard bully now, which I am pretty sure he was not back then. It is a shame, because he had done so well for so long, and is back to his old ways, surrounding himself with his old prison buddies. We were the only ones ther that had not done hard time in the CA or AZ prison system. We have never done that anywhere. Oh, well, karma will bite him on the butt eventually. I think it may have already begun, that is why he is lashing out at me. He is too cowardly to do it to my s/o. I guess he doesn't realize I am the one that will put a hole in him if he gets too bad. He already tried to run me off a bridge recently.
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
He already tried to run me off a bridge recently.
Holy crap! This is some serious stuff! Curiosity is killing me....where did you work for this maniac? Does he not have some type of parole officer that this behavior can be reported to?
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
I am the one that will put a hole in him if he gets too bad.
Oh how I love heated confrontations. Just don't do anything stupid. This guy sounds like a real ass, hope you settle it soon.

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Well, if they've done hard time they'll bite him too. Friends in prison are not friends outside and if he thinks the opposite he'll find out the truth the hard way.

BTW, the only reason I know this is that I almost married a con. There is no way I'd ever chose to live around those type of people ever again. There is too much back-biting going on.
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