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I have an adult cat who is around 12 years old, and he keeps chewing on one of my plants. I have about 25 plants in the house and the only one he chews it the palm....I'v tried to spray the plant with a bitter spray which doesn't work. I tried to use this on his bely so he would stop chewing that and it didn't work then either. any suggesions??????

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Maybe a lemon scent spray will help , or viniger . But I don't know if viniger is good for the plant now .
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I moved this to the Behavior Forum so that the behavior experts will be more likely to see it.

You might try planting some cat grass. This will give a good safe alternative to the houseplants. Also, try taping some mylar balloons to the plant. Most cats are frightened by them.

Is your cat still licking his tummy? If so, you should have a vet check him for skin problems or to determine wheter this is a nervous problem.
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I use to have a palm plant also ,for some reason they love that plant. Newman ate it till there was nothing but a stub...LOL I tryed twice, so I fond plants they don't like. I also foumd out they enjoy a certain blade of grass, they just love it . They will sit up for it.
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