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What's that CAT doing in my fridge???!!!

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I have two pics to post.

There's never anything good to eat around here...
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I think I found cats eat salad?
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lol Zoey loves lettuce
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When I lived on my own if the fridge opened Emmett came running. It was cute until he got too big and trying to pull him out of the fridge was a chore to make anyone hungry
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Kitties raiding the fridge I must admit that when Oscar was a little baby I accidentaly shut him in the fridge for just a minute. Thankfully I had to return whatever it was back in there or he may have been a very cool and scared little boy
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The first one is to funny
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That's so cute and funny at the same time. Kuce and Sphinx do the same thing when the fridge opens up around breakfast and dinnertime.
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Blondie and Question love lettuce, too. They snag pieces of it from the plate when we try to eat salad.
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Aww cute pics Lorie! I've never seen Pepper checking out the fridge but tonight he did eat a piece of corn for the first time lol!
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My new little hairball, Pepe' gets into the fridge every time I open it, and the dishwasher, the dryer, any available closet......
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Tailer LOVES the fridge and it's really hard to get her out of it. Don't even think that a full bottom shelf will keep her out, she'll jump into a higher one.
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So cute, mt cats don't seem to notice the fridge, or maybe there wating for the right
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A few of mine like to do this.Hehe.I will really get worried though if they learn to open it themselves.
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LOL!!! Well I'm glad Snowball isn't the only cat who likes looking in the fridge!
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My cats love the fridge too... They can all be sleeping in diferant areas of the appartment and as soon as i open that fridge door they all come running and they think its super time LOL...
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Snowball looks like one of those static dusters in that first pic.

Penny loves the fridge -- must be like a huge "mystery box" to her.

She can be so strange -- She's not the least bit scared of the vacuum cleaner and it's pretty loud (rare for cats!!!!!!!)
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LOL Cute! I guess all cats are curious about the fridge! I can imagine why! All those yummy smells in there!
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