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Urinary blockage

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Now my Simon has another Diagnosis. They think he is blocked. What causes this? I read the article on this site, but it's not too detailed. Where else can I look? What can I do once he gets home to help so this doesn't happen again?

Any info would be appreciated!
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Blockages can be caused by a number of things- improper diet, not enough liquids, stress, to name just a few.



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What a disappointing (but educational) read hissy.
So feeding dry food can cause URI's? And feeding wet food only can cause bad teeth. (you never win )I feed mine both wet and dry. I guess I should be happy Saki drinks a lot of water.
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Well, they had gotten the operating room ready to put in a catheter and when the vet went to get Simon to prep him, he was peeing in his litter box! Can you believe that? So, I guess if he was partially blocked, all the palpating, etc., got things moving! Too bizarre.
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Please keep a close watch over Simon and follow any instructions the vet gives you. Simon could get blocked again, and this condition can be life threatening. I don't want to scare you, but I am speaking from personal experience. Quite a few years ago, we had a young cat whose bladder had become completely obstructed, and unfortunately, the cat didn't survive emergency surgery to remove the blockage.

Sicy, we were feeding this cat dry food only, and I think that may have caused or contributed to the blockage.
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I'm glad he's going again Please continue to keep a close eye on his litterbox habits to make sure he doesn't have problems again, and follow any diet recommendations the vet gives you closesly. The vet should also do a urinalysis to determine the type of blockage - diet recommendations depend on the type of crystals found.
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