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maybe a silly question

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Hi -
I'm new to this site and new to being owned by a cat. I just wonder- Often the cat jumps into my lap and touches her nose to mine. I'm taking this as a friendly sign, but I wondered if someone will tell me what it really means????
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Bumping heads and touching noses is a way cats great family members. So, your cat is identifying you as part of her family! She is saying "Hello, I'm so glad to see you!"
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I appreciate the info, Lotsocats. I thought it was a good thing - but she could have been checking me out to see if I was dinner!!!
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LnKay - WELCOME....
You need to jump into the lounge and tell us about yourself and your fur baby! Aren't nose touches and paws touching your face just wonderful?
Being owned by a cat is a lifetime of learning. :tounge2: )
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Don't you worry! she is showing affection by rubbing noses! We have a cat who is so lovable! He would butt heads with us, pull our hands to his head with his paws and lean his head on our hands and thats just the begining! she is just trying to show you that she loves you...she cannot talk and tell you so this is one of her "many" ways of showing you!
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AWWWW she loves you Love to hear more.
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I've been owned by cats since I was 5 and I wouldn't know how to live without one! I'd be lost without the nose kisses! Dius has a bad habit of doing them in the middle of the night with his very cold and wet nose! They're also great for cheering you up when you're in a bad mood!
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Amen, amen, amen time all 16 cats (present count). I feel ten feet tall and good looking when my cats bless me this way!
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I can't believe how many people have replied -- now - in addition to feeling loved by Sunny - I feel very much welcome at this site.

thank you all so much
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