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Nightmare Day with Simon

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What a day. It's turning out to be OK (actually much much better than first thought) but this morning was horrible.

This morning Simon first would not come out from under the bed. When he did he was crying constantly. I gave him his pills and he continued to cry. My vet called to check up on him, heard him yelling and told me to come in. She did x-rays and thought she saw a bowl obstruction or intestinal tortion. We rushed to the emergency vet for possible surgery. They did not agree with my regular vet and said it did not look like an obstruction but they did not know why he would be crying and drooling. The emergency vet kept him for observation and so that they could give him IV food/fluids. She just called and said they believe he may be severely constipated. They are giving him an enema to see if that helps. I just pray that that is all it is. I will be so thrilled if constipation is all that is the matter.

My poor Simon was so miserable this morning. He was just crying and crying and I felt so helpless. I want to make it go away and I can't.

My regular vet (who I love) was really upset with the emergency vet for not recommending exploratory surgery, but if they can cure it with an enema and fluids, that's even better.

Keep my poor baby in your thoughts and hope its just constipation and that he comes home soon. It's so sad. My other cat is wandering the house meowing for him.

Sorry this is so long but I needed to vent
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Now that my kitty is back & well, I want to help another so My prayer are with your kitty. Get well soon.
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get well soon lil' kitty
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I will say a prayer for him
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Whats the update on Simon??
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The update is, he was constipated and had a urinary tract blockage. They gave him an enema to clear the constipation, which worked. He was able to clear the blockage himself the fist day, but yesterday they had to put in a catheter. Poor baby. They say he is doing much better, though. He's eating and drinking and using his litter box which is a vast improvement. I'm hoping to have him home tomorrow or Wednesday.

My regular vet will then help me change his diet and try to get more water into him from now on. The emergency vet said that he should be on wet food. I know this is bad for their teeth, so I can't win!

They tell me that urinary blockages are a problem for male cats, but that if he ups his water intake and changes his diet, they do not have to be a reoccuring problem. Let's hope that's the case!
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