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feral kitten

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hi, i'm new to this forum and I have a question about a feral kitten that we have adopted.
around mid october we took in a feral kitten who was about 4 months old. he came in on his own after several weeks of feeding outside. after a couples of times of him coming in on his own we just kept him in. the question know is how do we get him to warm up to us enough for him not to run from us whenever we come near him? on occasion we can go up to him to pet and I can pick him up and hold for a few minutes before he gets really scared and runs and hides. he seems to be really afraid of my husband. today i was able to pick him up and get him to stay for a moment but when my husband came around him he freaked out. what can we do to make him trust us more?

thanks for your help in advance

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there isn't really a way to make ferals become friendly, it is a longgggg road. You just have to keep working with him and speaking softly too him. Maybe your husbands voice scares him or he might walk loud. Have your husband try talking very softly to him and giving him treats. Or if he will not take treats from him then he can just call him softly and leave some treats on the floor and then walk away and watch him from a distance. Each time try to be alittle closer to the kitty. Good luck with the kitty! It is great that you took him in.
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maybe some of this article will help you find your way. As Val said it is a long road, and forcing yourself on this frightened kitten will do more harm then good.

Sit on the floor as much as possible so you are not such an imposing force to him. He probably was scared or abused by a male and he will have to find his way to trusting your husband.

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thanks for the information, I will give it a try....:
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