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New pictures of Dan and Ron

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Hey everyone, we just returned from a day trip to the kibbutz where my brother-in-law lives. Thought this would be a good chance to share some pictures. Most are just pics we took yesterday when we were still at home

Dan and Ron at home at our family bed:

Ron holding Dan (with a bit of help of course ) :

Me and the duo

Ron making a sad face (we asked him to - he was as happy as ever when we took the picture) -

Ron and hubby at the kibbutz - riding the makeshift rodeo bull you can see our car in the background (the white minivan) -

At the stables of the kibbutz - they have more than 80 horses there!
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That Ron is a cute-pie! And the baby looks good, too. How's caring for 2 treating you, Anne?
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They are sooooo cute! Dan is getting so big allready! Ron is just so adorable!
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Those are two nice boys you have, cute as can be.
BTW,can I sound like a DH {DUMB Hubby} what is a kibbutz?
I saw the post w/ good pictures,
Thanks for TCS enjoy the posts take care of yourself
I am Charlie the Dear Hubby.
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Great pictures! I know it's hard to tell what a baby will look like later, but right now those two look so much alike.
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Awwww how precious
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I think your son's look a lot like you. They are both adorable.
It looks like a great time at the kibbutz. It surprises me that the saddles on the horses are western style.
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Oh Anne they are adorable! Ron is getting so big, and it looks like he adores his brother.

KittenKrazy, a kibbutz is where families live together in a large village- sort of like a commune where everything is shared as far as work load etc...

(I asked Anne this morning what it was- *G*)
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Originally posted by hissy

KittenKrazy, a kibbutz is where families live together in a large village- sort of like a commune where everything is shared as far as work load etc...

(I asked Anne this morning what it was- *G*)
Thanks, MA, I'll pass that on to Charlie.
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Your family is adorable!
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Anne you have very beautiful children you can be proud of . My goodness the baby has grown a lot , wow .And you look great Anne Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics with us .
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Anne, thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. You and hubby look fantastic and the boys are both so adorable!

In the pictures taken at the kibbutz, both hubby and Ron look like they're dressed warmly. I always thought of Isreal as having a very warm climate and never realized it could get so cold there.
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Wonderful pics, Anne! Lovely boys. Dan's growing fast! Thanks for sharing.
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Aww.... Anne. Those are the most wonderful pictures. Ron is getting soo big now. He is a cutie pie. And Dan, is a littie sweetie. Thank You for sharing a piece of your world with us.
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Oh Anne, those are GREAT pictures!!! I especially like the one of Ron holding Dan and the one of you with them! You look great! And the boys are just adorable!!! Thanks so much for sharing these with us!!!!
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My favorite is the one with Ron holding Dan. I love how they're both smiling at each other.
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Anne, your children are adorable! Beautiful family.
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Thank you so much for the compliments everyone

Like Hissy said, a kibbutz is a type of settlement that is unique to Israel. A (usually) rural community based on communal property, in which members have no private property but share the work and the profits of some collective enterprise, typically agricultural but sometimes also industrial.

The concept of the kibbutz dates back to the early 20th century, but some of the kibbutzim are relatively young. The one where hubby's brother lives with his family is called Ortal and it was established in the late 1970's. It's a beautiful place - lots of greenery and nice homes for everyone. They keep cattle and have orchards. They also operate a tourism section with great B&B's. Each family has a house of their own - but all houses are of the same value and look similar. They have their own kitchen and dining space in their homes, but most members eat together in the communal dining room. We also eat there when we come to visit. They have two members who are qualified chefs and run the communal kitchen so the food is great! They have members in charge of entertainment so there are always day trips and speciality evenings and the holidays are always celebrated together. It's a wonderful way of life IMO, especially great for the children. Imagine growing up in a very safe place, with all your friends, and sharing with them a huge farm that belongs to everyone... I'll stop here and just leave you all with the link to more info about kibbutzim -

As for the weather here - Israel is a small country but being on the bridge between Africa and Euroasia means there are several climate zones here. The south part is basically a desert. The middle (where 90% of the population lives) is your average temperate mediterranean climate - temperature in the 80's and 90's during summer time and down to around the 60's during winter time. In the north, we have the Golan Heights, which are higher and thus cooler. That's where kibbutz Ortal is. Temperatures can get below freezing in winter and it usually snows for a few weeks during winter. So, yes, when we visit there around this time of year, we have to dress properly
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Thanks for the article, Anne. It was fascinating. It talked about how living in a kibbutz is often a generational thing. Is this something that Issac's brother decided to pursue on his own, or does the family have roots there?
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Your children are such cuties.
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What handsome boys you have Anne! Dan is getting big already and Ron looks like he is the perfect big brother. They sure look like alike.
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Anne - they both look wonderful! I can't believe how big they both are getting. You are a lucky lady to have those 2 handome little boys in your life.
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Anne! Ron looks a lot like you! I love all the dark curly hair!

I have a question though. Are the kibutz's the same as the settlements being built that are so controverisal? I don't mean to be offensive here. I am just curious.
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Anne, what beautiful babies you have! I love the dark hair and eyes. These boys are gonna be lookers when they get older. Watch out girls!
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