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My kitty!

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I've been around for a while, but I just got some pics of my little Willie!!!

I also have more on my website....

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What a handsome boy
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He is a very pretty boy and has a real sweet face .
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He's gorgeous! great markings.
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Awwwweeee thanks from Willie!!!
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He's handsome and gorgeous. What a sweety.
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Awww he's adorable
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What a cute face, he looks like a sweety. He looks like a cat my daughter had named Jack.
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I am new here and not sure how to put a pic of my baby.Linda
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your kitty is just beautiful!!!!!
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awwww...what a cutie
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How did I miss this? Cute kitties - both of them here!!!

I'll move this to the Fur Pictures forum where everyone will see them.
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Willie is too cute for words!!!
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Awww! What did he think of the antlers? That's just too cute. You take good pictures... I love the poses!

Linda, your baby is beautiful.
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I don't see anything but a big red x.
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