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Paralysed Kitten

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My 6 months old kitten Julie was badly injured by a monkey in our locality and got a spinal injury. Her back legs have become paralytic. I consulted the veterinary doctor and was told that it is a permanent damage and cannot be rectified.
I am sad to see her dragging her leg when she moves around. Is there any wheel chair available so that we can make her to sit on that when she moves?
I was trying to find but unable to locate.
Could you please help me?

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I am sorry to hear of your kitten's injury. You did not say where you are located, so I don't know where to direct you. Wheelchairs or carts for injured animals are quite expensive, and I would turn to a prosthetics manufacturer or a vet school. I would share my story with them and see if they can help you? That is all I can offer, I am sorry.
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I found this link for you, perhaps if you write to this gentleman with the complete story about what has happened he might find a way to help you? Good luck

wheelchairs for dogs
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Here's an address for you from Cat Fancy of this month (they have an article about disabled cats):

Disabled Pets Webring


Good Luck.
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Here is another site:

PET MOBILE - Mobilizes Pets with Paralyzed Rear Legs:


Good luck!
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My Scooter was parazlized when I found him...only one front paw moved. I was also told it was HOPELESS after X-rays. Have you tried to stimulate him or her to move those legs by stimulating maybe by scratching under the chin? I worked with Scooter for three months looking for the spot to stimulate him to see if ANY neurons would stimulate muscle movement to those legs. With him I found it was the area under his chin that caused him to scratch like a dog does when you scratch it's belly. Although the movement was very slight in the beginning, I took that and ran with it. After three months and many long hours of massaging his legs to keep the blood circulating I got wonderful results. He got up on all four paws, although weak, he walked a few steps and then collapsed. It took another month before I got him up for longer periods. He had a relapse just once where his legs for some reason didn't want to work. I worked even harder for the next few days to massage and stimulate him. I am proud and happy to say that Scooter (although one of his back legs at the hip is a little crooked) he now RUNS, JUMPS and PLAYS like a normal mischevious kitten. He is now fifteen months old and has had no relapses and he no longer feels inferior to the others. He's my baby. He didn't grow to much because of the spinal injury, but that's okay because he thinks he's ten feet tall and that's all that matters. There are some wonderful contraptions out there for cats with paralized rear legs. Don't give up on him! If they are expensive and you need help search for donations, every penny counts and so does his quality of life and happiness. Cats overcome a lot when then are loved. This I know from experience.

Let us know how you are doing. Good Luck with it all!

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FG - that is a remarkable story about your scooter.
I am wondering how Julie's mom is making out?
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Julie's Mom??? Did something happen? I've been so involved with all the recent pet thefts I haven't been on here in a couple days. We just had another dog stolen ... this time the reward is $10,000.00!! Prize pug from the AKC show even! They are REALLY getting brave (or stupid) not sure which. Plus, we now have teenager stealing pets, putting them in huge plastic bags and throwing them off a bridge into a wash ... they found 11 bodies so far The most recent was a large black dog who, while he survived, is paralyzed with a broken back. They are keeping him alive for evidence ... God this is so cruel it ANGERS me to no end! What the hell is this world coming to???

Angry In L.A.
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FG - I just wondered how she is making out with getting help for her kitten that is paralyzed. I am so very sorry about all the animals in your area. I do not understand people at all. Have they caught one of the teenages yet?
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Lumpysmom ... No word yet on who's dumping the animals. Now they are saying that it is only "speculation" that it is teens ... or gang related. They have stepped up patrols around the was to see if they can catch anybody doing anything or if someone will come forward and say anything. The dog they found, (they named her HOPE), is still alive and due to have surgery. They are only giving her a 10% chance to ever use her back legs again. However, an animals rights rescue group has volunteered to find her a home and people are getting together to try and pull her through. I'd like to get my hands on whoever is doing this ... Just give ME five minutes with them! I had to get out of "full time" rescue for reasons like this. I would have wound up in prison. I have seen some of the worst cases of abuse. It made me hate humans so much. The streets of Compton are full of sick minded people who find abusing animals FUNNY and AMUSING. If they're not using dogs for fighting, they're using them for pellet gun targets and worse. This poor dog they found, HOPE, had OLD pellets inside her. They said that she apparently had lead a pretty tough life on the streets from the way she was scared and what the X-Rays showed. It's hard to hold your temper when you see things like this going on! I keep asking God to give me strength. I truly hope they can help this poor dog and give her a life of love and peace, even if it's only for a few years. Lord knows she's earned it.
I haven't heard anything about the paralyzed kitten. I hope they found something or someone to help. You really have to dig deep these days to get any kind of help out there. I know this from first hand experience. Let me know if you hear anything.

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I would like to put those hoodlums in a plastic bag and throw them into the Santa Ana River Duct- do you think they could swim against that current? Or better yet, take them up to Saddleback Mountain and drop them from a plane. I HATE it when I hear of kids abusing animals, because it is so mind-boggling that young minds could be so cruel.
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FG - I hate the fact that behavior like this a a sure sign of the times. What happens to people to make them so demented and hateful? I feel somethimes that they are possessed by demons. I have added your situation to my long list of animal and human friends to pray for and will ask God to give you continued strength to assist when you can. Your name on TCS says it all about you - you are truly a guardian for these poor unfortunate fur friends. May your work be blessed.
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The sad truth is, most if not all, these kids grow up with roll models that do the exact same things. They have no respect for themselves, human life or animal life. They grow up in households where either pets are "just there" or are animals in the neighborhood deserted by people who decide they really don't want them and just let them roam the streets and stop feeding them. They grow up believing that ANY type of kindness is a weakness. They couldn't be more wrong. Living in todays society and having kindness takes all the strength in the world. Look at those of us who do what we do. Tell me we aren't strong ... Tell me we don't have the endurance of iron at times. I have seen first hand PARENTS abuse animals while their children watch. These kids and young adults learn by EXAMPLE. And when it's not by example ... Then there is something truly wrong with that child and immediate attention is needed! My first instinct would be to lock these delinquents up and throw away the key. But we all know this doesn't do a damned bit of good. I think they need to spend time being subjected to taking care of animals. Cleaning kennels. Watching births. Watching how the mothers and fathers of these animals treat their young. In other words, seeing what real family is. What true kindness and dedication is. Learning the value of LIFE. Learning RESPECT!! They need to spend time with the wolves. There are no better teachers than the wolf. Their lifestyle alone would teach them what respect is, what true love is for parents and siblings. It would also teach them to RESPECT. My father always used to say, "you bend a tree when it's young" and I firmly believe he was right. I can tell you this, the biggest mistake anyone can make is to mistake MY kindness for weakness. I can be just as mean as I am kind. Let anybody hurt something I love and you'll see a side of me that true NIGHTMARES are made of! If we want to make a major change in the way animals are treated, we have to start with EDUCATING the CHILDREN. There is NO big bad WOLF ... But there IS a big bad HUMAN and plenty of them.
Thank you for your prayers and support. Mine also go to all those out there who rescue and observe like I do. God help us all.

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There is cruelty in all of us deep down, as well as a wealth of good and love. As a palmist, I see that at least 80 percent or more of the people whose hands I read are totally dependent on their kinships and society. They cannot live alone or act without the constant presence of people. For many, a special relationship will serve to keep them sane and content, but for many, a larger social support is required. Given good leaders, a stable society, humane and fairly enforced legal system, and personal protection, they will function as the good, normal, middle-of-the-road people we all look to for the stable social norm. Given bad leaders, unequal protection and law enforcement, and official or implied sanction for brutal behavior, their need not to be abandoned by the mainstream will lead them to do horrendous things -- the Holocaust, the killings in Bosnia (and Angola, and Ruwanda, and, and, and), streetgangs and lynchings. All things that indicate the loss of social support for the humane side of our natures.

The other 10-20 percent of the hands I read are rebellious, independent, self-motivating, and fully capable of living and surviving both emotionally and intellectually on an iceberg for several years. We are a mixed bag -- saints and sinners alike. So much depends on early experiences with human society. But most of the independent types can change themselves -- you can see the lines actually change on the hand from year to year, while the lines of the majority of people remain static. People who have the marks of independence -- unless they are too far damaged by their inability to fit into the norms of their particular societies -- can and do change from the inside out, and some will gain the kind of personal enlightenment that can be transcendental.

I don't know what the answers are. Law enforcement is only a bandaid, but of course we grasp anything that will help, and in many cases it is the only straw we have. But slowly the fundamentals of society have to be humanized. The history of humanism up to the early 1900s was one of fairly linear progress in the western world. The norms were never the ideal, but there seemed to be a greater and greater number of people and leaders who desired them. Then there were the two great world wars, and things have been uneven ever since. Increased brutality and craziness on one hand and increased humaneness and sanity on the other. And we are not yet factoring in the rest of the world, where brutality and cruelty are sanctioned by religions or customs (stoning or cutting off limbs, public floggings, female circumcision, female infanticide...) alongside rigid, and often admirable, forms of manners and charity.

The way I see it, several things will contribute greatly to future progrress in the "right" direction. My basic is always to teach meditation, and behavioral psychology (the idea of sentencing animal cruelty offenders to working with animals under supervision, the idea of sensitizing abusive parents or spouses to the humanity of their vicitims...) is also a good beginning. But living abroad as I do, and in one of the world's most troubled and socially mixed (and in some cases, primitive) areas, I have become very much aware of the impact of both the internet and satillite TV. Don't laugh. I see kids beginning to absorb the values of the sitcoms and the soap operas and the movies so that the society growing up here (both Jewish and Arab) is beginning to show signs of homogenization of ideal standards. This is not as terrible as it seems, because shows like West Wing show the vital workings of a democracy, ER and the other excellent hospital shows are beginning to create a standard by which to measure local medical and health care systems, the sitcoms show a kind of idealized home environment (teaching basic hygine, manners, respect for the opposite sexes and other ethnic and racial groups) with the jokes directed at what is unacceptable (thus encouraging the alternate view) -- the best of them (Tool Tiime comes to mind, as does the more dramatic series Sisters, The Sopranos, a number of excellent British series on BBC Prime) encourage emotional growth and recognition of the complexity of relationships and personalities. Even on very violent shows, there is often the recognition of good vs bad. Lethal Weapon (1,2, and 3) was much admired here, and raised all sorts of subconscious concepts to the fore in the minds of some of my students (not to mention the Terminator movies). The best of the science fictions movies is beginning to open up the horizon to include Mars and the asteroid belt and the outer planets for children whose religion has taught that there is only one sun and one earth because that's what it says in the scriptures. The various generations of Star Trek (to Subspace 9), x-file, and the new (for us) Andromeda are stimulating imagination and greater openness to the unknown. A real hero can cry, a loving family relationship can exist, good can (and should) triumph, blacks and whites (Arabs and Jews, Serbs and Croations, aliens and humans...) can work together, emotional problems are not a sign of weakness, talking out your problems is a healthy thing...).

The internet is another thing. These forums (perhaps not all forums, but let's say many or most) connect people from all over the world and increase the move toward some homogeneity of standards. Granted internet users are only 10 percent or so, but this is the cutting edge, and the beginning of a global set of norms. There are no frontiers anymore, no matter what the maps say. We have on this forum someone from China, others from Finland, South America, and the Middle East.

So don't despair. I have seen a lot of change in my lifetime, and hope to see more before I cross over the Bridge. But I have faith in the rebels and independents of this world -- that there will be a growing number of humane leaders from among them to offset the damaged ones. Consider that you guys are the gatekeepers, holding the gates open so the light can shine through -- so that the beacon of progressive humanity will draw more and more adherents. Next millenium perhaps people will look back and say of our 1000 years that, even though it started out rocky, it was an era of great social and spiritual advancement.
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