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Can anyone help?

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Well, they have done it again. Peed in the middle of my bed.
I know it has been a stressful week with all the people and dogs in the house. I originally thought I could get them introduced and things would settle down. No go so I gathered the cats and put them in my bedroom with the door shut with food, water, and litter. They have had a Comfort Zone for 2 months so why did they potty outside the litter box?
Then, after everyone was gone and I let them out, then one of them pees in my bed the next day. I had finally fixed it so they couldn't get outdoors. That was a rude awakening for them, they tried everything to get out. Guess I will have to continue to let them be indoor/outdoor cats or have pee in my bed.

Thanks for listening. I have read all the information threads and nothing in there was of help. I just think one of them was mad at me and that's what I get. I sure am disappointed in the comfort zone tho. Does the spray work better?
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I know this may not be the place but I am hoping to reach others like me who don't usually visit the other forums.

How do you persuade a kitty to not want to go outside. When I brought Chewy home he had never been outside but from day one he was always at the door wanting out. And he found a way even tho I closed the doggie door. Now I have (hopefully) fixed his going out hole. But how do I keep him in without the litter box (lack of use)problem or the peeing in the middle of my bed. I would prefer he stayed in but it is a battle.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.
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A friend's cat has developed the same behavior. As long as she lets him go out, she has no litter box issues. If she tries to keep him indoors exclusively, he pees and even poops outside the box. He has a clean bill of health from the vet last week, so she is just resigned to letting him have his way. This guy has even figured out how to fling himself against the screen door handle on the porch so he can make the door open.
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First off if there are litterbox issues it may not be behavior it could be health issues. The first thing to do is rule out the health issues by taking the cat to the vet to be checked out.

Then check out this link here:



Hopefully you will find the answer. If you have a garage that is enclosed, put the litter pan in the garage and install a cat door to the door leading to the garage. That way the cat can go *out* to use the box and still be safe.
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