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First kitten he's 8 weeks old I've had him for 3 days on the second day vomited once and slept the whole day. today he while I was at work he vomited twice and when I got home he vomited again so I took him to the vet at 4:45 they have him a shot of fluids because he was dehydrated, prescribed .25 ml of amoxaclyn and a digestive wet food he hasn't eaten or drunken anything on his own since after the vet. I gave him a dose of medicine and a small syringe full of water at around 5:30, and he threw that up a couple hours later. I then gave him a 1ml of liquid food at 8:30 he's kept that down and now maybe 2 hours after that I have him his final dose of medicing and some more water should I be worried?!?!?
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Honestly, yes you should be worried.

A young kitten who is vomiting and not eating on his own, and sleeping alot is a big red flag.


I highly suggest syringing him pediolyte mixed in with the canned food from the vet.

He MUST stay well hydrated regardless of what is going on with him.

1 ml of water now and then is not enough, he needs nutrition too. If you can get pediolyte now, mix it 50/50 with the canned food, and syringe him at least 5 mls every 2 hours.


What does his vomit look like?


Where did he come from? 

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He came from pet supply he hasn't vomited in at least 3 hours and has had some of the liquid food and he won't eat the wet digestive help food the vet have
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His vomit is also clear he's been dewormed also
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Do you have cat parvo (panleukopenia) in your area?

This would be my number one concern.


Otherwise it is likely a virus he can get through with the help of syringing by you :)

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I believe he's been vacinated for that and I haven't heard of any cases and how often should I be serynge feeding him and how much he weighs 2 lbs
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He needs 1 ounce of fluid a day per pound weight, so 2 ounces per day of fluid.

He needs 36 calories of food per pound per day, so he needs 72 calories a day.


I would feed him a 50/50 mix of each so he gets it all in one shot, divide it up into the number of times you will syringe him.


In other words, for example if you get fancy feast kitten canned, one is about what he needs in calories for the day. Take a bit of that and mix with water or pediolyte and syringe, you will see as time goes by how much he needs each feeding.


It should only be for another day or two, if it goes on any longer this is a big concern that there is more to this than a virus.

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Alright thank you for all your help!
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Hi I agree with catwoman 707.Inappetance or anorexia another name for a young kitt is not normal.With my ferals I used royal canin baby cat catfood.Very palatable and most go for it right away.if you can add any water to any canned meat,not too much that will also help with hydration.All info from the petstore regarding shots foods your kitten was eaten any other pertinent info is privy to other words you get a certificate showing the shots that have been done.Deworming & for what worm's etc.Is your kitty pooping? I am from the Yahoo Mc group and so many times do we see kitties & kittens inappetant because they are constipated.Sometimes happening from a change of diet although usually that causes diarrhea usually.Plese pay attention to what you receive in the litterbox IE:Poo & urine.Any straining etc.But every single cat responds differently.What is the A/B for? Did the vet say? Did they check his temperature when you were there?Al crucial things upon observation of a new kitten. Always & you will learn this to be the advocate for your baby.Do not be afraid to speak up & ask is your right.All documents ,tests etc are also supposed to be handed over to you in paper form.If tomorrow the same way pls take your baby in.Liver failure sets in really fast with very little or not enough calories.HTH Hugs to your babe.C.good idea with the pedialyte.i used that on one of my cancer kitties yrs ago.The key now water & food big time. Unintentional typos again sorry :(

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