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Shredding bathroom tissue!

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Geez, our somewhat-over-one-year-old Flame Point Siamese female (Toozeday) has this bad habit of shredding rolls of toilet paper. She is exclusively an indoor cat, so letting her outside is not an option. Any innovative, novel suggestions out there as to how we can best handle this problem?
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Maybe some catnip toys would help ? Cant you just close the bathroom door ?
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I can't help but laugh. I've had this same problem with my kitty.

1) Keep the door closed if possible.

2) Buy a toilet roll cover or holder.

That's the only two suggestions I can think of at the moment.

Does Toozeday have something that is hers to shred? Old newspapers rolled up perhaps?
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Run a rubber band around the toilet roll

Keep the door closed

Tuck the roll inside of a close cabinet

You can buy those deodarant toilet holders that spin citrus smelling fragrance, a good deterrant for a curious cat

Mount the toilet paper roll holder higher up away from the cat's reach.
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You can get little plastic towers that hold 4 rolls. I think Rubbermaid makes them. They have a cover that closes tightly, so even if it gets knocked over, kitty can't get the paper.
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Hey Cat People, many thanx for the great replies! Right now I think I like the idea of the RubberMaid protective spools the best, so will go out and try to locate one and try it. Thanx again! G.
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No problem- next stop for your flame point is the paper towels! LOL
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One other hint.....put the toilet paper on the roll so that it feeds from the bottom instead of over the top of the roll. I did that when one of my cats insisted on unraveling the entire roll repeatedly. It made a difference that he couldn't unroll the entire thing, and he stopped.
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i don't think i can help much, but i used to have a cat that did that too, then he would find the rolls of paper towels and shred them too!!
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Hee Hee! Lil does this too. I saw her once but didn’t stop her. It was hilarious and she was having so much fun! Took it off her before it got too messy though. Shame I didn’t have any batteries in the camera.

I have a cylindrical toilet roll holder with a lid, attached to the wall. This works perfectly as long as nobody forgets to put the toilet roll back in it when they’re done!
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My Shalimar used to do this. Deb25 gave my hint. By having the roll come out the bottom instead of over the top, they can't unravel the roll as they are shredding it. That ruins their fun.
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