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Kittens Came

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Well my cat had her kittens.. I was out decorating a hall for my cousin's wedding and I came back and was scared..

I have a dog and well she was not locked up like she usually is.. I went downstairs and found her.. She was bloody and her stomach was empty.. I asked her where are your kittens.. Hoping Daisy (my dog) did not eat them I searched for them and found them under 4 boxes in another box that was filled with newspapers was 3 beautiful kittens. By the looks of it she knew what to do..

They were clean and healthy looking. One is pure black, another is calico and another is sort of greyish.. She is black and white..
I moved the kittens from the box and put them into the laundry basket that I had made for a bed for her and then brought her to them.. I then talked to her and let her be so she can have her time with them.. She is sleeping and so are the kittens... A long day with me gone..

But all is well she is locked in the basement and the kittens have a warm blanket on them.. So they will not be cold..


New kittens of Cashes
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Cybmom, Congratulations!!!

They sound adorable. Are you going to keep them? Keep us posted.
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I am so very happy for you and your family. What a special time this is! I will hope and pray that things continue to go well. Meow to you all! + equals a very happy home!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! to all of you
What fun you are going to have watching the new babies grow!!!!
Is this the first time you have been around new kittens? We will all want to know all about their growing up!
Thanks for letting us "share" this with you.
I know you will prove to be a very caring Cybermom!!!!
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Congratulations! I am glad the babies are safe!
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Congrats on the new babies. Kittens are so much fun and you will enjoy watching them grow and change.
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Congratulations! I'm glad things are doing well so far.. please keep us posted.. and maybe get some pics up too? It must be wonderful having new little ones!
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