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Good vibes for Tiki please...

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I posted a few days ago about Tiki having a bad eye infection. I finally got into the Vet this afternoon & they are baffled. It's the nastiest eye infection I've ever seen & the Vet was honest and said he's never seen one quite like it. He did do some tests on her & he believes it's either a bad infection or an ulcer but it could be glaucoma or a tumor. I got some eye drops for her (generic Gentocin) & she goes back on Monday for a check up. If it hasn't improved, we will have to go to Omaha to see a specialist for it. I'm really praying that it's something treatable & that I won't have to take her to see the Specialist. But I will do it in a heartbeat if she needs it & it doesn't matter how much it will cost.

So, if you all could spare a little vibe or prayer for her I'd really appreciate it. I know she would too! I'll keep you all informed on what happens. I just pray that it isn't serious & her eye will heal soon.
Thank you all in advance!
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Shell sending the lovely Miss Tiki healing vibes from me and the boys and a hug for you both.

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OMG Shell ((((((HUGS)))))) to you . I am so sorry about Tiki's eye . I hope it is only a infection and nothing else .
I sure will pray for sweet Tiki :angel2:
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Aww.... Shell (((((Shell))))) Vibes will be coming Ms. Tiki's way from me and the girls.... Please keep us updated if you can.

(((((Shell and Tiki))))))
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((((((((((((Shell and Tiki)))))))))!!!!!!!!!!
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Shell, sending you and Tiki positive vibes from the girls and me!

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hope she is better soon! My guys had really nasty eye infections this past year and they gave us a cream to use that cleared them right up. Sebastains eyes were so bad the lid was swollen inside out
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Oh poor Tiki. I wish you both all the luck in the world. (((((Shell)))))
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Poor Tiki. Mega vibes coming from me Shell.
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Sending Tiki healing vibes from Singapore... {{{{ Tiki }}}}
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Poor baby. Sending good vibes her way to get well soon.
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Sorry to hear this.I hope she gets better very soon.
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Good vibes coming from us. (((((((Tiki)))))))))
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{{{Shell & Tiki}}}
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Sending **warm healing vibes** to Tiki.

I hope you both receive good news soon.
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sending prayers and hugs
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Me, too!!
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Healthy and healin energy coming from me to Tiki!
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Sorry to hear about Tiki's eye infection.
Prayers and good vibes coming your way!!
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Thank you all so very much! I really appreciate it!

Her eye is still nasty & will be for quite some time. I've been instilling the med's as I was directed & so far it's starting to improve slightly. It hasn't been as gunky today & not as red, but it's still bad. I'm still hoping that it's just a bad infection & that this medicine is a miracle drug. She's completely & 100% ticked off at me three times per day....every time have to give her the med's. But hopefully she realizes it's for the best & I do believe she still loves me after all that "torture".

Thanks again for the vibes! Keep em' coming since we're not outta the ball park quite yet. Thanks again!
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Shell, I'm glad to hear Tiki is improving a little. Yes, she still loves you even though she has to get those terrible meds in her eyes.

You hang in there girl! Sending more positive vibes to you and Tiki!!

Heal soon Tiki! (((HUGS)))
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Oh Shell! I just read this! I just sent up a big prayer for Tiki...I am so sorry to hear about her eye! I am glad to hear it is improving a bit, though...that is good news...hopefully the medicine will continue to do the trick and you won't need to take her to the specialist! Keep us posted, my thoughts are with you both!!!
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Sending positive thoughts to little Tiki!
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Aww poor Tiki! I hope she gets better soon and that its just a bad eye infection.
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Pepper is sending lots of good vibes to Tiki that her eye will get better soon so her momma can stop worrying! Keep us updated Shell!
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Lotsa good vibes for Tiki -- you know she still loves you -- but she HAS to make a fuss, to keep her human in line -- mustn't have you thinking that she approves of this "torture"
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Hi Shell

I am sending get well wishes and thoughts.

My cat, Munchie once had a corneal ulcer that he got from having sniffles. It was also awful. I used to have to leave work twice a day to go home and put eyedrops in. His eye healed up and apart from getting a little red whenever the sniffles flared up - was fine.

He had to go to a special vet opthalmologist. They gave him a million eye drops (some of which had to be kept in the fridge - and I kept on forgetting and having to buy new ones!). I am not sure if they have an animal eye specialist where live...

I hope that Tiki gets better soon.

Lots of love!
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I hope this is nothing serious, and will get well soon!
((((((((GET WELL SOON TIKI!))))))))))
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Thank you all!

I called the Vet after work this evening & asked if they needed me to bring her in. Since she's improving, I'm hoping I won't have to take her to Omaha to see the specialist. But the doctor was in with a patient, so the gal took my name & number....they have yet returned my call. It kind of erks me since I'm doing exactly what the Vet wanted me to do by calling them this evening, but I'll get over it. I'll call again in the morning & see if they want me to bring her in later tomorrow evening.

Tiki's eye is looking much better. It's still a grey cloudy color but at least the dark brown spot is starting to get smaller. It's also not tearing up as much, so I'm assuming that's a good thing. It is still very bad, but it's a good sign that it's slowly getting better. Hopefully she'll make a full recovery!

She's spunky as ever & is getting better with the eye drops...slowly.

Thank you all again for your thoughts & well wishes. I thank you all SO much! I'll keep you all posted on how she's doing!
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I feel for her, since I have had eye infections and I know how scary and discomforting they are. I hope everything turns out fine for you and your cat. Good luck!
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