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Urgent Question...re: constipation

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My 15 1/2 year old cat has suffered from chronic constipation/obstipation resulting from a spinal cord injury he suffered a few years back. So far, we have managed well with lactulose and the occasional deostipation. I have to take him in tomorrow for a check up as he has been unable to pass stool for several days. He was in a few weeks ago and they said that he was dehydrated and gave him some fluids (subq, I think) and then he was able to pass stool on his own. The lactulose just doesn't seem to be helping anymore. Could it be because of dehydration? Is this still treatable medically? PS: We have tried propulsid, but it didn't help, neither did high fiber diets). Many Thanks. Vessie (cat) and akaJW
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Did you try canned pumpkin? I guess that would be the same as high fiber diets.. Not sure what else you can do. I'm sure others will have some good advice.
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I don't know if that is wrong to do , but ... Most cats are alergic to milk and get diahria (sp) from that . So maybe if you give your cat just a little tee spoon full every day , maybe that would help . But Pumkin in a can is really good as Syci posted . Good luck with your baby .
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I can't help with the constipation question, but I would suggest that when you're at the vet you might want to have them run some geriatric bloodwork if they haven't already done this recently. The dehydration could possibly related to some other health problem, considering his age. Problems can often be spotted early and better controlled with regular geriatric workups in senior cats.
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We saw the vet this morning and sure enough Vessie was very constipated and ostipated. We discussed our options and I chose to have him deostipated again. Since it is a Saturday they did the procedure, but didn't want to keep him overnight. When I went to pick him up he was still very sleepy. She felt he was fine and just needed more time to come around because of his age. I have to say it is rather scary to see him in this state. He seems to be a little more awake than when I picked him up but he is still unable to walk properly. Does anyone know how long it might take him to fully wake up?
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Usually anestesia lasts anywhere from 24 to 48 hours depending on how the cat reacts to it. You should notice him slowly coming around
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I hope Vessie feels better soon.
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