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World Idol

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Anyone else watch this last night? I thought it was interesting. Being a Canadian I was very insulted by the Canadian judge. I loved when Simon told him off.

Well I did call in a vote for the hot little South Africa man!!! Woot! Not only could he sing but that smile was to die for.
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It was hilarious! I loved that Simon stood up to him, but that isn't surprising! I loved it when they brought back the "like a virgin" guy who couldn't sing. We all died laughing. LMAO!
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Yep, I watched this (dh clapped on his headphones so he didn't have to hear..tee hee), and I hope that Kurt Nilsen wins. What an incredible voice, I was bowled over (I also liked the Australian idol, the Canadian and the idol from Great Britain, and I've always loved Kelly Clarkson).

I can't for the life of me find a us online store to buy Kurts album or even his first single...anyone know of a place? This fellow is special, hope he wins.
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I watched it and loved it. Like you I was insulted by the Canadian's evaluation of Kelly and loved it when Simon blew him away. That polish judge just cracks me up- and the singer from Pan-Arab- oh my what a wonderful voice she has. I am glad to see she stood up for her tradition but unless she can sing other types of songs, I don't think she stands a chance in the competition.
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I didn't watch it actually.

I don't like the Australian Idol that much and the series itself had a controversial final. But will probably watch World Idol the next time it comes on.
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When is it on again? I didn't realize it started last night, and I'd like to watch it. Every Thursday I would guess, but what time?
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It's only a two show deal, and the last one is, I believe, next Thursday, not sure what time, there is a world idol site you can find via a google search.
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I was trying to find some of Heinz's music on Kazza with no luck. I wish there was somewhere I could find some. I really liked him. I can't wait to see who win. Its on the 1st, but I don't know what time, I'm thinking 8pm like yesterdays show.
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