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Missing cat found in faraway state

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MIDDLETOWN, Rhode Island (AP) -- The O'Connor family has its own Christmas miracle: Its cat that had been missing for two months was found clear across the country.

Jefferson, a 5-year-old orange tabby, somehow escaped from his carrier as he was being loaded on a Delta Air Lines flight at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The cat was flying with his kin, McKinley, to the East Coast, while the O'Connors were driving.

Delta crews and the family spent four nights scouring the airport. Later, workers checked animal hospitals and shelters, distributed fliers and took out newspaper ads.

Around mid-October, a woman spotted Jefferson in a tree near the airport, but the cat's collar came off when she tried to grab him.

About a month later, the family had gotten desperate. Kelly O'Connor decided to fly back to the Seattle area to look for the cat. She posted brightly colored, laminated fliers offering a $200 reward.

"A lot of friends, frankly, thought we were crazy," Will O'Connor said.

Finally, on December 15, a daughter of a Delta Air Cargo manager told the O'Connors that Jefferson had turned up in a house basement near the airport.

A veterinarian confirmed the cat's identity through an implanted microchip. Delta flew him to Rhode Island.

Jefferson had lost about 40 percent of his 13-pound body weight when he arrived, Will O'Connor said.

"He kind of stunk a little bit," Will O'Connor said.

The normally adventurous feline is slowly regaining his desire to go outdoors, perching himself on the window sill.

"He's starting to turn into his old self," Will O'Connor said.
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My goodness what a odeal for the cat . I just wonder how in the world did the cat escape ? Was the cage not secure ? Or did some one open it ? But I am happy the cat is back home with the family .
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I just saw this story on the CNN site - that must have been one very happy cat - and family! It shows that you shouldn't give up the search too soon - and you should have your pets microchipped.
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I remember hearing the original story though they weren't sure of how he escaped at the time. I only remember because at the same time I noticed that Russell's carrier was missing a part of the locking mechanism and I need to buy another carrier. No one sells parts.

But that's great that Jefferson was found.
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I saw that on the news. Quite remarkable. Thank goodness for that chip though!
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