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Awhole lot of things to talk about.(long)

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There are a lot of things going in my life right now,that is why I have not been here to much.! I have temp. custody of my sons 5 childern,(yes in my 2 bedroom mobile home)His wife have been leaving their home for days at a time and not calling or anything else,he could not keep a job,because she would't come home to watch the kids.And when she was home she would go to sleep and leave the 3 and 1 year old run around,while she slept! We droped up there one day and she was s;eeping so we called CPS and they allerady had a case againts her(NOT ERIC) so they ask us to take them so we did.Eric is in the Marine resver(SP) and she would only come home then which, is when she got nailed by CPS.So any way her and Eric got into a fight and she called the police,and got a order againts him,so he is here also.Now she wants all of them back,but CPS is making both of them take a parenting class and intill they finish and all of us are sure they will change and take care of them right they can not have them. They will have to go to them for a while.CPS is tough!!!! will keep everyone up to date!
2nd thing All 5 kids were sick christmas day! all had 102 fevers and ear infections.
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2nd page,good thing I am not working! Welfare is giving us food stampts,so we can feed the. and some cash for non food thing they need.
3 thing Remember what my boss did to me? firing me,well he has to pay my unemplotment(sp)!! $140:00 a week! I got the SOB!!!He tryed to tell them I was'nt doing my job,and when they sent the paper work to the hotel,the manger sent it back saying I was fired because of what I said to him after the called me a f****** stupid b****,they agreeed with me that I was fired wrongely.
thank all of you for posting ,wishing me luck,when I posted off about him.
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Wow, darlin' sounds like you've got your hands full right now ! Will be praying for you, but is there anything else that I can do to help?
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Thanks ! yes, I haven;t had a alone minute for 3 weeks now!Almost everynight at least 1 of them ends up in my bed!!Want to babysit for a couple of hours? I will take all the prayers I can get!!
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If you can figure out how to get me there or them to Alabama, sure !
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Oh by the way Eric NEVER HIT HIS WIFE she said he was going to but Eric has never hit a women,now she wants him to come home ,but he can't intill 1/04/2004.
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Sometimes he probably wanted to though, from what you've told us about her. Hey, I'm a female, can I come up there and hit her a couple of times for you and him and the kids?
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The more the merrier! my other son's grilfriend has allready!!Eric has had plenty to slap her for. She has 5 boyfriend that we know of!! But he still loves her! I just don't understand it ! Not to say eric is blamess,but he has never cheated on her,how coild he ? he has been both mommy and daddy for the last 6 months!He can be a hard a**,And hard to love with,but he is a great dad. He has a lot of issures to work through.
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I hope the new year is kinder to you and your family.

I do hope that Eric and his wife pay attention to what is being taught in the parenting classes. And hopefully the light switches on for the sake of the children.

It's good to hear that the hotel admitted that you were fired wrongly. I hope the money helps with things around the house and the children.

I'd gladly offer to babysit for you. I've never been to New York. But since I can't, I hope an angel in disguise comes to your door and offers babysitting for you. You sure do deserve some time for yourself.
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I am so sorry you had to go through all of this especialy over christmas . I hope the comming year will be better for you all and you will get a job again too .

I will pray for you , kids and the parents
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My respect, Sherral. You've had to deal with so many adversities this past year, and somehow you always manage to cope. You're in my thoughts - I really hope that 2004 will mean a reversal of fortune for you. Hang in there!
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Sherral...I was wondering where you were...I hadn't seen you post much lately, and now I understand sure have your hands full watching 5 kids! I am so sorry to hear how badly things have been going for your son....I hope things will work out with him and his are an angel for taking care of his kids like this. My prayers are with you, and I miss you!
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thanks everyone,I really needed your support, today I need some me time ,not sure how I could get any!After 5 days a 5 sick childern I am at the end of my rope!Thank God they are starting to feel better!My 4 walls are starting to close in.
I just did what any grandparent would do.all I want is for my grandchildern to be safe and keeped fed and clean,and to have their parents to pay attention to them.I have played 50 games of candyland in 4 days!!!!that is something Eric and Joanne would.t busy feeling sorry for themselves about how they screwed up their lives!I kkep telling them NONE of thoes babies ask to be born,shut up and take care of them!thank God I have many wonderful friend here to keep me sane!
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if I play one more game of Candy Land I am going to turn into a candy cane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sherral - this just shows what a wonderful and loving woman you are. I hope that everything turns out for the best and that things get easier. I will keep you in my prayers.
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Sherral...just remember...every time you play Candyland with those dear children, God is smiling down on you, because you are giving them the attention they deserve that they were not getting are a saint in my eyes and in God's for doing this for them.

Just hang in are doing the right thing...these children need you and they will never ever forget that YOU were there for them when they needed someone.

I am here to talk if you need me.
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Sherral, you are an angel. The things you do amaze me, Keep it up. I'm sending lots of vibes your ways and I hope things look up for you this year. Love and hugs.
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OMG!! I truly do give you credit, for taking up with what was handed to you. You are a truly courageous woman--and I wish you patience and kindness, as it sounds like there would be many moments when those things are hard to come up with!
{{{HUGS}}} to you, and God is watching you and KNOWS how hard you are really trying!
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I've only just caught this thread, I hope you grandchildren are feeling better and I hope the new year is better than the last.
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Wow Sherral...I can't believe I missed this thread! You've definitely got your handsful right now. I agree with Debby, you're an angel for being there for your Grandbabies. During this rough time for their parents, they really need all the love & support. I do hope that Eric & his wife are able to fix this situation one way or least make it right for the kids. I hate to see kids without one of their parents, but in situations like this I feel it's better for the kids not to subject to things like this. Hopefully this year will be a better year for you Sherral & wish you the best!

Hope you're feeling better!
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thanks shell I am trying my best to give the kids everything they need right now without outright spoiling them!! Kays the 1 year old is so cute learing new things everyday. And I got the 3 year old potty trained,in only 5 days!!!Eric had been trying for 3 months!!I will post pictures when I get mu new camera.
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Great to hear the kids are getting better.

Congratulations with the thre year old being potty trained. Way to go!

Though I do have one question....

How do you play Candy Lane?? It sounds like a yummy game.
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lol it is a board pick a card that has colored squares either 1 or 2 and you move that many times,to the color that is on the card.frist one to the candy mt. wins!it is for ages 3 to 6!!
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What? No candy?
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Originally posted by a_loveless_gem
What? No candy?
only if you buy it !!lol
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Candy Land was my favourite game when I was a kid. I would plead daily to have someone play that game with me. I love seeing that it has stood the test of time!
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