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I don't offhand, but I will email my father and see what I can find out from him.
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Mad cow does not even develop, until the cow is 3-4 years old. BEEF cattle do not live that long. DAIRY cattle do and, when too old to give milk they are slaughtered and used for cheap ground beef and pet food.

I have long avoided cheap ground beef, in favor of ground round, chuck or sirloin, the cats eat turkey and the dogs' food is predominately poultry and lamb.
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Cindy, I've wondered about that. It doesn't develop for 4 - 5 years...but is it contageous before that? I think of certain human illnesses in which we are contagious even though we show no symptoms. I wonder if that is true for BSE as well.
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I don't think that it is spread, by casual contact. I think that I read that a person or animal has to eat the infected body parts, in order to contract the disease. No problem, there - I am NOT eating cow brains!
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Oops...I meant can you get it from eating the brains of a cow who would have developed BSE if it were to have lived a few more years. (Not that I'll be eating cow brains any time soon.)
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And now this.


The importing of pet food from the US into Canada has been banned.

It makes you wonder... I don't believe that there is a significant risk to the pet food supply, but still, the government does stuff like this. I suspect that some of this has to be retribution for the ban on Canadian beef export to the USA. And no matter what the conditions and causes, this is devestating to the Alberta beef industry, and will have an impact on US beef as well, I would expect.
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Maybe this will induce pet food producers to stop using so much "waste". That would be great for our pets, but not so good for our wallets. I agree - it does sound like retribution.
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