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In December, my then-6-month-old cat was having difficulty breathing and had ear mites. We took him to the vet, and an x-ray showed such congestion in his lungs that the vet said she'd call them tumors if he was an older cat. His Feline Leukemia test came back negative, so she gave him a shot of aminophylin and clavamox. Within 5 hours of the vet visit, poor Fergus unable to breatheand his nose was blue. We rushed him back to the vet, and she told us that he would likely die, but IV fluids and antibiotics saved him.

A few weeks later, after completing a course of Cefadrops, I noticed that his respiratory rate had increased again. We went back to the vet, and an x-ray showed totally clear lungs (yay!) and his ear mites were gone, but we put him on a short course of antibiotics again, just in case.

Now, a month after the second visit, his respiratory rate has risen again. He is still playful, has an appetite, and seems healthy, but he is breathing fast (30 - 45 breaths per minute). is it possible that he has asthma? What can we do for him?
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I am not a vet or expert in the matter. However cats can and do have athsma. I have read bits about it, so I cant give exact advice. If your current vet is not giving you satisfactory results, I would look around for another consult on the matter. Find out which vets are more knowledgable on the subject. I hope he will be breathing easier soon.
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