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How was your Christmas?

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Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to ask how your Christmas went?

Ours was really good! My ex’s mum loved her present – one of the suggestions on this forum! I won’t say which one as they were all great and the ones I didn’t use will be saved for the next couple of birthdays and Christmases.

I also took my guitar with me and played her favourite songs, which pleased her a lot! (Haven’t played in years!)

There were no arguments though it came close once or twice… One of her other 2 sons (not my ex – who’s also my best friend) is so irresponsible and a real pain but we kept him in check so I think everyone enjoyed themselves this year.

So once again many thanks for the ideas and I hope you all enjoyed Christmas too!


PS. – I was quite surprised at how many people have taken time to post here over the holidays – what a great forum!
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Nice and peaceful...as long as I didn't call other family members and got the "why don't you spend Christmas with us next year" speech. My response: "Gotta go...Merry Christmas!" I am about to be 22 and I can make my own decisions...so next year...I will do the same thing as I have always done...I don't like change! Hope everyone had a pleasant day!
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I had a good Christmas. Spent it with my mom. Had a really good time, and just asked for $$ so know I get to go out and get the presents I really want

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one phrase- sick in bed
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It was a good Christmas other than aftershocks and rain.
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**Hugs to you Kate** I hope you feel better soon.

greycat2: Good to know you're okay.

My Christmas was good. It was the first Christmas in years that I have been truly happy. I spent the day with my fiancee and our two cats. Spent the day surfing between three television channels catching all the Christmas shows. Haven't done that for ages.

Also made Christmas dinner for us. Roast Chicken with stuffing, potato salad and roast vegies. Didn't make any gravy since neither of us are fans of it and the chicken was sooooo moist.

We didn't buy each other anything until boxing day. We went out and bought the Lord of the Rings Monopoly game, Trilogy Edition the next day at the shops.
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Ok, I'm glad some ppl's Christmases were good!

Kate, I'm so sory to hear your sick!!! Get well soon, ok? I miss chatting with you!!! (Did you get the singing elves? I hope so!)

Well, my Christmas wasn't wonderful wonderful but it wasn't awful either.

My grandfather was staying with us, the first time in probably close to 10 years he's been at our house, and he is so not a ppl person! Considering there was only like 3 of us at home at the MOST all the time he was here, it was pretty bad. He is so loud, and doesn't understand the concept of "quiet". And he was just tormenting Shorty, not intentionally, but I don't think she likes him . He'd just stomp his foot, or clap his hands together if we were trying to get her attention away from something (the tree, the table, the counter, etc), and that has no effect on her at all. You have to actually get up and go after her, then she'll run and hide on you so you can't get her. And he gets up so early! Today he was up at 5:30 AM.....seriously, what the heck do you need to be up at 5:30 in the freaking morning for????? At least I got back to sleep...for a bit!

Presents this year weren't too bad, just one has me confused, and kind of mad (b/c I didn't ask for it and didn't really need it). It was a Rubbermaid plastic drawer organizer thing. I don't honestly really need it, but I guess they thought I did. And it so cost less than what I spent on both of them!!! Oh well. I got boots, 2 sweaters (but one turned pink in the wash....someone just leaves the warm/cold wash/rinse temp on warm/cold, and it made some red clothes run and as a result, my once white and blue shirt is now pink and blue!!!! ), red pajama pants (the ones that ran in the wash!), a cute little "aunt" sign from my nephew, a book (Oprah's book club, Cry the Beloved Land I hope that's it, if not it's something like it!), socks of course (can't have Christmas w/o socks!), bath stuff, umm....I think that was almost everything....So it wasn't too bad, present wise.

Now all I have to do is find a way to my grandma's house tomorrow. (this is the other side of the family). I'm supposed to be going w/ my sister and her husband and baby, but they are scared to drive in a little bit of snow, so I figure if they don't go, I'm just going to go myself. It's SNOW not a torrential rain storm! And it's not like it's going to be dark out, we don't have to come home tomorrow night, we are coming home on sunday, so I'm going. I took the wknd off specifically so I could go, and if I don't get to I'm gonna be so mad!!!

Anyways, just a question for all of you ppl out there: Do Christmases suck as you get older until you get kids of your own? I find that the older you get, and the more ppl have to work in your immediate family, and the fact that you don't have someone to share Christmas with totally makes it so not-as-much-fun as when you were little. Anyone else have this opinion??

So here's hoping next year is way more fun!!!
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Our families live in Oahu (Hawaii), so you can guess how homesick we were. But Bryan and I made the best of it. We ate at Denny's for brunch. It was the only place we found that was open to get something to eat. They were pretty busy too. Then after we headed to the movie theater and watched, "The Last Samurai". That was such a good movie! I forgot to mention that in the morning we had opened our gifts that my family had sent out. In all, it was a pretty simple Christmas.
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