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We're Back!

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Hi, guys! I hope everyone had a safe and merry xmas!

Me and the kids have settled into our new apartment. It's not perfect, but it's a heck of a lot better than where we were before. Angel has fully recovered from her feline acne, Ruby is still as fat and cranky as ever (it's just her personality) and Rocky has grown into a tall long-legged stripey cat with big feet. He recently had a recurrence of that upper respitatory infection, which prevented him from being neutered. He's stable now, and I plan on doing the operation in a couple of weeks. He wheezes when he becomes frustrated, so his new nickname is "Wheezer". I hope he doesn't flare up again, because I can tell he's becoming mature, if you get my drift.

Angel's acne was so big, nasty and persistent, it did not respond to anything the vet and I did. I guess she just had to feel comfortable, and she finally has. She does not have any scars, lumps, or bumps on the underside of her chin, which is amazing because that stuff was really nasty looking. Huge bloody pimples with black scales. Now that I know she's prone to that, I'm looking into some of those herbal calmatives for cats. I know if she gets stressed out again that stuff will come back.
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Welcome back!!!
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Welcome back to TCS
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