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Please welcome

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My newest addition (as seen in my new signature) Mickey.
He came to me as a foster (named Chevy) July 2, 2003. It was love at first sight. And since this cat did everything humanly possible to NOT get adopted (i.e. hissed, growled and even biting ALL potential adopters) I figured that he was meant to stay with me.
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Well done you on saving this poor kitty, he's adorable.
I have to admit i have always been a strictly pedigree cat type of person. Don't ask me why....
Lately though i've joint a message board which specifically deals with rescue doggs and cats, and its been so sad seeing how and why so many animals find their way to rescue homes, all of them absolutely beautiful. I most definately will be visiting a shelter soon to adopt a homeless kitty (or two)
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Congrats, Jen! You're catching up to me!

Mickey's a handsome guy; give him some scritches from me!
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He handsome devil for sure New siggy looks great
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Mickey knew you were the one he wanted to go home with. I really believe cats can sense this. A person once said cats don't have a personailty, that person never owned a cat
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Welcome, Mickey!! What a sweetheart you are.

Awwww, what fond memories your description brings back, it sounds just like how I got Mozart. I posted it elsewhere, but basically it was love at first sight when he leapt onto the cage bars and bit and scratched me.

Yup, that same sweet orange furrball sleeping in my siggie.
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