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Kitties Watch Hockey!

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I went to my parents house to celebrate Christmas day, and my youngest sister brought her kitties with her. My middle sister bought an air hockey table for her husband, so naturally we had to set it up and have some fun. We played quite a bit and I was curious what the cats would think about this fast game, so my sister held Jess up while two of us played. She watched it like a tennis match then proceeded to jump on a near barstool and continued to watch the game with content.

I know there's nothing unusual about it. That's what kitties do. They like to watch things. What was interesting was after awhile, I brought a puck over to her so she could inspect it herself. Well, she kind of backed up out of her sitting duck position to her feet without taking her eyes off the puck. With the puck still in my hand I carefully put it on the edge of the barstool. She looked at it for a second then reached out to touch it with her paw, but quickly flinching back and forth as if she wasn't sure if she wanted to touch it. She did touch it once then quickly retracted her paw again. Poor kitty... she thought that puck was going to jump out at her or something. I put the puck back down on the table and she was okay. Onyx got a chance to watch too, but I was upstairs. Why didn't I bring my camera?!
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LOL!! Don't you just love it when they do that???
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I know a couple that plays ping pong in their garage, and their kitty plays, too. It is so cute!
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