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question - ref urinating cat?

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Some time ago, Brandy suddenly stopped using the litter tray when he was in the house and not out and started using one corner of the lounge. Well the vet could not find a reason for this at all, no infections, nothing, so it was back home.
He stopped and then has recommenced urinating on the carpet on one corner of our lounge. We found a spot yesterday and washed it and cleaned it up. This morning, Carol walked in and spotted him squatting and then had a scratch at the carpet. It was too late when she spotted him. She has since washed the area clean, however, the lounge smells a little.
When Brandy was a kitten, he would not use the litter tray in an old house we had, he started to go behind a tv unit. We put the litter tray behind the unit and he used it from there.
Carol has now put the litter tray in the corner where he has been going and are hoping that he may start using it there.
A further question, Vicki-(Rest in peace my little one) used to use the tray all the time with out fear or worry. She was excellent for it. Brandy would also do the same when she was alive.
We had the thought this morning, that since Vicki passed away, he seemed to stop using it as frequently as he did. Could there be something mentally that has affected him since her death? This menatl block stopping him using it as he used to. Could he be affected in that way?
So, given, that that there is no medical reason that the vet can find - any help or ideas would be appreciated. To either stop him or get rid of the smell.
Many thanks
about to head off on the 100 mile trip to the in laws...
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Hey Kev

Since Brandy seems to have taken a turn around with the litterbox since the passing of your dear Vicki, maybe you might consider getting another companion for him. It may help him to renew his former potty habits before she passed. Just a suggestion of course.

Have fun at the In-laws
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