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What about Cheese?

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I now have 3 indoor kitties and they all love cheese. At first it was all cheese, now its swiss and the canned cheese (sharp cheddar). We use it for all kinds of bribery, getting them in at night, not hissing at our new baby, Stubby, not being mean to us, and any other excuse we can find to run and get the can and put a dollop on our finger and watch them come running. (As a side note, they will only eat Kraft swiss, not the holey kind, and not the store brand - unbelievable!!) As to the canned cheese,(you know, the kind that looks pretty on crackers), we have only given them sharp cheddar so we don't know about the others.

We have one kitty, Buttons, who doesn't eat very much so we give her cheese pretty often. The other two although finicky, will eat a lot of flavors of cat food, both wet and dry. I currently give them Science diet but after reading some posts am checking into it.

Does anyone know if this is an alright thing to do? Unless someone knows to the contrary, we will probably continue but I feel guilty that I haven't inquired.

Even my stray that I had neutered came to me and licked cheese off my finger the other day (another bribe). The canned is a little expensive (Wal-Mart 2.99 per can) but it goes a really long way.
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Hope I didn't post in the wrong forum again! After reading my own post I realized this maybe should be in nutrition??
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I don't know the answer to this - but all mine live a snack of cheese once in a while.
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Cheese contains the lactose sugar as milk does...Some cats don't have the lactase enzyme to metabolize lactose & some don't have too many enzymes. That's why dairy might cause problems such as diarrhoea...This is also true for some humans; there are some who are lactose-intolerant...

My Minnosh loves cheese & milk too & I give her some (not too much) occasionally. She never had any diarrhoea, so I believe that she is tolerant to lactose. But I think it's safer to give it in small amounts anyway.

I sometimes buy her lactose-free milk There are also special milks for cats (but they are expensive)
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My cats all absolutely adore a treat of Swiss cheese! (guess it's not just for mice :laughing:
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I'm so glad everyone didn't tell me how bad it was for kitties. Of course I knew that cheese was made out of milk but all of my kitties seem to tolerate it - one who couldn't tolerate milk, so I don't know what the difference is.

I'm glad it's not just for mice.

Debbie: I love your posts in Big Brother 2! You always make me laugh with your 'colorful' descriptions. I often think "I wish I'd said that". Keep it up.
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Why Thank you, Patricia! That was a very nice thing to say! I needed it after the afternoon I am having. Thanks!
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my cats seem to enjoy cheese also, but I try not to give them too much, and I have started buying them kitty ice cream which is made by an animal nutritionalist
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AP, I read your thread about kitty ice cream and am definitely going to see if I can find it. We only have one supermarket in my little town so I may have to wait until I go to a bigger city.

My hubby and I get more pleasure out of giving them treats than they do getting them. We have three very spoiled kitties who are often disdainful of the treats we offer (we thank them for taking the cheese, lol).
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My cats love cheese As a matter of fact...they sit at the fridge as I open the door...they know automatically either it's chicken or cheese....... :laughing2:laughing2....spoiled rotten brats! , but I adore them for just that!

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cats really seem to love cheese!
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One of my cat is intolerant to lactose so although she adores cheese, I can't give it to her. I give her instead, cat milk (whiskas makes one), a little butter and sometimes cream...
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Ok, cheese seems normal enough, but what about the cheese for chips with salsa in it. One night hubby was eating some and River wouldn't leave him alone until he gave her some. She would have eatin the whole jar if we let her. She licked some off of a good 6 chips before we said that was enough. Then she was crying for more. I used to have a cat that used to steal cookies from us too. Strange.
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Dear Kezzer :angel2:

That is really weird!!! I had a cat that really like those Cheese Tostitoes....this was when I was about 20 years old!!!!! MOONS ago...anyway, my little girl "Toes" she had a fetish for those things. She'd come right up to your mouth and she'd grab it take it right from your mouth...she was ruthless when it came to those things. She was so cute; another angel that will be in my heart forever.

Love &,

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cheese tostidos!


that's a good one!
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I thought I spelled that wrong! :LOL: It just looked wrong...tostitoes..:LOL: WRONG! :LOL: :LOL:

Let's see what Frito Lay says...they probably change it all the time anyway to mess people up! :LOL:
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I spelled it wrong as well!

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:LOL: No you didn't...I told ya they changed it again! :LOL::LOL:
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You guys are makin' me hungry!!!
post #20 of 25 I sit here slamming a turkey cheese sub down my throat!!!!! :LOL::LOL::LOL: I'm not kidding, it's like I'm inhaling it! :LOL::LOL: Here's another spelling of that:

Notice how they really want to confuse the end with a "d" another with a "t" ...I just don't get corporate USA
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it's really very confusing. they aren't doing a very good job with branding.
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Definitely not...a new graphic illustrator needs to be hired that's for sure! :LOL:
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Kezzer, I have never heard of a cat eating salsa before!

one of mine likes doritos, but that is about as weird as she gets.
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My Loki did love cheese - NOT anymore...
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so one day Loki just didn't like it anymore?

how strange
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