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New little quirks that make me smile

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Hello all, new to TCS, I have my little mischief maker Dali, who is almost 7 months now, first time sole cat owner and love him to bits! Just wanted to start a thread (apologies if I have missed a current one) on quirks that your cat had or has, Dali seems to show me new ones every now and again just when I thought I had him pegged!


First off, he has his "favourite" toy which at the moment is a grey mouse that he broke off the top level of his tower - now this current favourite whatever it may be, he will leave by or in his food bowl - no matter where I hide it for him or if he's playing with it, he'll suddenly strut into the kitchen with it and drop it down!


Another is a stuffed leopard toy - which I think I made his substitute playmate, if we're playing and he starts getting a little rough I say no and stop and he runs over and ambushes this leopard (which was actually mine from when I was 8!) and bites and rabbit kicks it - rather that than my hands though hey!


He's always quite vocal with different chirrups and mews, sometimes he'll go into a room and meow so loudly that I think he's hurt so I go in, just to be ambushed with a pat on the head or leg and then he runs to the next one as if to say haha gotcha - you're it!


A new one is my chest of drawers, he stands on his back legs front paws on the middle drawer and opens it, then jumps in and squeezes down to the next drawer below!


I hope these made you chuckle - I know they did me! I'll post any new ones as and when! Would love to hear if any of your kitties do the same or others



bigeyes.gif  x

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Sounds like you have an active kitten there! :D Enjoy that while it lasts!

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My ginger tabby had many endearing traits but had two I found especially enderaring. I lived in a second floor apartment and as soon as he heard me open the building door to the lobby he would start pounding on the door with both feet. He made so much noise you could hear him through the building so I would have to race up the steps without checking my mail and go in and pick him up and lavish attention on him.

His other oddity was that he wouldn't allow me to keep anything on the night table beside my bed except the lamp. If I forgot and put my water in it, he'd knock the water to the floor. This was the only place he insisted stay clear but he was quite insistent. This table was...HIS!
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Haha Margd that's funny - obviously he had OCD with his beside table :)


Dali had started another habit, when I'm brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush he runs over and purrs really loud climbs all over me just to rub the bottom of the brush over his face/chin?! Really is funny to watch he seems to love it! I wonder if its the menthol of the toothpaste or the vibration he likes?! Funny guy!

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DalisMum, that is just too cute! My babies have always stayed well clear from the electric toothbrush. Your little guy has a great personality! Where do they get these things from?
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Mythal likes to sit either on my lap or next to me on the couch and watch the tv while I play videogames. This is pretty appropriate, given that she was named after a videogame character.
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