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Boxing day DT

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It's boxing day over here in Singapore. thought since I'm at home and down with flu, I might as well start one...

Yesterday, I've been sick at home for the whole day and i guess as much for today. i'm gonna stay home and keep the virus to myself... meow meow and boy boy has finally fallen asleep after much coaxing cos I forgot to bring them some turkey from my xmas eve dinner and they have been searching up and down for it... meow meow gave me the cold shoulder and she's not a happy camper without her turkey.. boy boy is pretty much easier to please as long as you give him a good cat treat, he's willing to make up with you...

I hope everybody has had a great xmas time and a great boxing day!!
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I have to work today. It will probably be a light day, though. We're expecting rain, by noon. Bill has a "honey-do" list and should keep busy.

Rowdy and Buddy are having a go at the tree. At this point, I really don't care. Its coming down this week, anyway. The thing looks rather naked, with no presents under it.

Have a good weekend!
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Cleaning and laundry are on the agenda for today Joy.

I put a prism in the window and Kahu has figured out that if he hits it with his paws he will spend a good time chasing the rainbows around the room. He hasn't slept today LOL Its fun watching him.

I have discovered that there is a mouse inside the walls - for weeks Peedoodle has been staring at a certain spot on the wall and attacking it and I got a flashlight and looked in the cracks of the wood (the wall is wood panel) and sure enough, i saw a mouse running by. I have no way of getting at it and it has no way of getting in the house (I hope!) and I have not seen any mouse poo around anywhere. Strange. Wonder if its been getting into the neighbours apartment? She has her son, his girlfriend and his baby and her daughter living there - in a two bedroom apartment and I can imagine it would be jam packed! Its been getting harder to get out of the driveway as the guy works at Meineke and he takes home cars that they are working on and returns them in the morning. Makes me feel as if I cannot leave a car at a shop overnight!

I hope everyone has a great day!

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Kate, it's too bad that you've got the flu - hope you get over it soon. Today's a holiday in Germany, so we have been lazy - slept late, took a very long walk around town, took JC for a much shorter walk in the backyard, since he doesn't like walking in the snow. For the past two hours I've been online, and my husband has been playing guitar. JC is sleeping on his window perch above the radiator. I couldn't believe how many signs were up around town with pictures of missing cats - I hope there's no "catnapper" around. First thing tomorrow I'll have to call the humane society and ask if they're aware that an awful lot of cats are missing.
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