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meow meow is ignoring me for the past 2 days cos I forgot to bring back the turkey I promised her.. she's angry cos every year i will bring her some to enjoy... anybody got any to spare for my little girl?
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Tell Meow Meow that I have some turkey left over.... But I dont know how it will taste when it gets over there
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We didn´t have turkey for Chrismas, but I have a can of tuna, you are welcome to have that! I also have some fish leftover in the fridge, you can have that too!
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We had a deli tray. I have turkey, ham and salami. The cats always eat turkey & giblets cat food and the dogs got canned turkey & bacon dog food, today.
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I always give Newman and Cosmo tuna on there birthday and Christmas.
This year Cosmo came up and asked for it. well sorta
It was like he knew. Cats are so cool.
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