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Just curious..

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if I were to die tomorrow, what is it that you guys were to say of me as a person, knowing me for just a few mths?
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Why do you ask such a question?
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Originally posted by oava
Why do you ask such a question?
just something that popped into my mind.. I was just running through my whole life and wondered how people would view me as a friend or a person...
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That you were very caring and good person and a good friend.

I have often wondered about that myself, I really would be able to try to know what other people think of me and how they see me!
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\tThat you were very caring and good person and a good friend.

I agree with that assesment wholeheartedly
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I agree with the others, but I sure hope you are not leaving us tomorrow!
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no kellye, wouldn't be leaving you guys for heaven anytime soon...still have many more years to spend with you guys!
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I don't know you yet, but I would like to Just remember... we are here on earth for such a short time. You will have many journeys and touch many peoples life, You just touched mineiam here to listen and so is God. Peace be with you
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I've asked questions like that myself. I can't answer yours because I don't really know you. I do know that you can learn some very precious things doing this, though. My sister told me that she thinks the best thing about me is that I can laugh at myself. I cherish that thought.
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Couldn't say since I haven't gotten to know you yet
Makes me wonder what people would think of me

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Kate, I've had the pleasure of talking to you several times on MSN, and I think that you are a wonderful, sweet, caring person with a great life ahead of you. Very brave too, 'cause I'd be afraid to post a thread like this for fear of what I'd learn about myself!
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